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  1. 40 breeder with stand, light and extras

  2. • 40 Breeder drilled for Eshopps Eclipse Overflow Box Medium (not included)• Custom stand • Reefbreeders 24" Photon V1• Hydor Koralia Smartwave Kit w/ 2 Hydor Koralia powerheads• Aqueon Pro Heater$300Pickup in Thibodaux
  3. ISO small in-sump skimmer that won't break the bank

    Thanks! I'll look into it.
  4. As the title says, I'm looking for a little in-sump skimmer for my office tank. It's a 20g with a 10g sump. If any of you have anything lying around that you are looking to sell, please let me know. I definitely don't want any HOB skimmers though; must be able to work in the sump. THANKS!
  5. yellow toadstool leathers FS

    I'll try to get a couple tomorrow evening when my lights are on.
  6. yellow toadstool leathers FS

    Bump for price update: $25 per frag
  7. yellow toadstool leathers FS

    I have a couple of frags of yellow toadstool that are each about 2" across. $30/per and I'll probably throw in a small cabbage leather frag for FREE with purchase.
  8. UPDATED PRICES: Palys and leathers FS

    I have 2 frags of Cinnamon Grandis Palys with 3 heads on each for sale. $7pp or $35 for all 6 heads. I also have 2 frags of green toadstool leather about 2-3" for sale. $20 each. And a couple of small, unattached cabbage leathers that are about 2" each. $20 for both. Local pick up only. I am willing to meet in the middle under certain circumstances.
  9. FS - used Eshopps RS-75 sump

    Bump - price drop to $70
  10. FS - used Eshopps RS-75 sump

    BUMP - price update
  11. FS - used Eshopps RS-75 sump

    18" wide, 10" deep, 16" tall
  12. FS - used Eshopps RS-75 sump

    PRICE DROP! I'm selling an Eshopps RS-75 sump. It is a great little sump and perfect for a 29G cube. I upgraded tanks and have outgrown it. $70
  13. Couple of easy frags... items added 5/14

    I'd like them if I can find an opportunity to get out that way.
  14. Couple of easy frags... items added 5/14

    What area do you work in? I would like them, but I'm not sure if I can make it to Bridge City this week. I'm in the Houma/Thibodaux area.
  15. LF: 20" light fixture

    If it has legs that can move in to fit 20". A 10G is only 20" wide.