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  1. vertigo


    Sorry for my delayed reply. I still have the sump I am located just east of Slidell, in Carriere, Ms. I, however can/will deliver within a reasonable distance.
  2. vertigo


    LMAO. How does $200 sound? It would be a good fit for a future Nem tank.
  3. vertigo


    Edit: Sump has been sold, Mods please close. Picked up a larger sump for my build and have no use for 2 so I am looking to sell NIB Eshopps RS 200 ( Limited Edition ) sump. Sump has never been taken out of the box. I opened just to take the for sale pictures. Comes complete with all accessories as came from manufacturer, never registered with warranty, all packaging still in place as can be seen in pictures.. Asking $230.
  4. GLWS. If you do decide to part out, I may be interested in the Radions.
  5. I thank you for offering.
  6. Thanks but I am gonna have to pass. My goal is to mount 4 XR30's in a canopy. I already have 2 and I would need 4, 15's to make up the difference.
  7. Posting here as there isn't a Want To Buy thread. I am looking for a pair of Radion XR 30's, Non Pro models. I don't need the mount's as they will be going into a custom hood. Let me know what you have or if you know someone looking to sell a couple. Thanks.
  8. No worries. Your system is coming along quite nice. I think I am going to go try the Herbie, I am tired of hearing the seashore in my living room with the single Durso that's on the 180Gal. What is your return pump rated for GPH wise? I have a year old Reeflo Dart that I am hoping will be enough for my return and any reactors I may use?
  9. Lol. I hear ya. I really do have to get my butt in gear. I have pretty much all that I need, with the exception of the adjustable feet for the stand and to skin it. Still deciding on whether I should keep the return pump I already have or go with a new DC return. Not to mention I am gonna have to invite JC and the boys over to help get the old ( Heavy as sin ) behemoth out so that I can put the PA 150 in it's spot. I'll be following along as you continue your build. Been meaning to ask. What type of overflow did you go with. Durso, Bean, Herbie?
  10. Looking good. Hopefully before long, I'll be starting my build.
  11. My male usually makes a cluck and popping sound when confronting the female. They never fight, so not sure what the sounds mean.
  12. I did speak with this special LFS Benjy and they have, forced, errr, umm talked me into the Radion. Now as soon as I get me stand back from the welder, the build will start to take shape. Thanks to all who have helped with my decision.
  13. As depressing as it is to loose everything, it would be equally as depressing to know that you gave up. If I can impart some of my uneducated wisdom ( oxymoron ) regarding saltwater. Slow your roll a bit young grasshopper, take a small break, but never quit. You have a beautiful system, it would be a shame for you to sell it due to a slight set back.
  14. Since you are on the "Coast" already, I would suggest you making a trip to "Just Fish" on Pass road. They also sell the heck out of " Real Reef Rock".