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  1. Vu337

    Bella goby

    Anyone interested in a Bella goby? He’s making too much mess on my sand bed. I brought it for $80 so asking the same amount.
  2. looking for one
  3. Vu337

    Emperor Aquatics 25w UV / $100

    What size tank this is rated for? How old is this?
  4. Vu337

    Water mixing/storage container and pump

    Sold please close
  5. Brought from a fellow reefer but never set it up asking $120
  6. Vu337

    Ecotech Equipment and misc. for sale in Lafayette

    How’s the battery life for the battery backup?
  7. Vu337

    144 gallon Oceanic Half Circle

    Wanna sell the regal?
  8. Vu337

    Lf light for 8g tank

    kessil or something similar
  9. Vu337

    livestock for sale

    No sir
  10. Vu337

    livestock for sale

    No more Xenia, what kind of zoas u looking for?
  11. Vu337

    75 gallons setup

    Bump make me a offer
  12. Vu337

    Pacific island aquatics

    lafayette people ain't ready! lol please close thanks
  13. Vu337

    livestock for sale

    red sea tang about 10 inches (show size) very fat $120 six line wrasse $15 red spotted hawkfish $20 breeding pair of clownfish(lay eggs every week) $60 one clownfish $15 big leathers price depending on size starting from $20 pulsating xenia alot starting at $5 mushroom rock depends on rock starting at $50 has rainbow rhodatis and superman live rock big rocks to smaller ones $3 a lb maybe more but thats all i can think of right now pm so i can send pics, if you live around the lafayette area then just come by
  14. Vu337

    Pacific island aquatics

    Anyone in Lafayette area wants to get fish? We can share on shipping, I think if it goes over 500 then it's free