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  1. Tank, stand, canopy, 2 reef radiance, all coral, live rock, power heads, fish( Red Sea tang about 8 inches or bigger, red spotted hawk fish, six line wrasse, pair of clowns that lay eggs every week, one clown by itself, more can't think right now. Tank has an overflow box. 20 gallons tall sump with 3 baffles. Jebaoe D.C. Return pump. One brand new wp 40 and reef octopus power head. Asking 750 for whole established tank for a 6 years, have baby shrimp growing in sump. Text for more info 3372589689. Reef octopus diabloxs 160 with brand new upgraded sicee psk 1000 pump.
  2. Please close
  3. A little longer than what I want but shoot send me pics
  4. Like the title says
  5. darn i just brought two mp40qd too
  6. I have a reef octopus diablo 160 xs with brand new upgraded psk 1000 pump, need something for a 150 gallons tank to trade
  7. Only if you were closer
  8. Sorry I'm not
  9. lafayette
  10. i have some single mushrooms for $20, two for $35 please pm more for pics
  11. Mods please close
  12. Looking for one.
  13. Thanks for the invite but sorry my oldest son birthday party.
  14. Interested in tank and stand if u part out
  15. Joey at aquarium central has 2 frags