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  1. All pending except for plates
  2. Price dropping. Ducans $125 Candy $75 Purple hammer/frogspawn $55
  3. Yuma is gone. Can't make the meet
  4. Purple hammer/frog spawn back up forsale
  5. Surprise me... I not hard to deal with.. .
  6. Meat coral- pending Yuma/neon toadstool-pending Frogspawn/hammer- pending .
  7. Indo scoly aka meat coral pending Open to offers now.
  8. Sent you a pm. Text me at that number. May try to get to you this weekend.
  9. Hammer/frogspawn No longer pending back up for sale
  10. Pm me with info and hopefully some other BR people may want something.
  11. Trying to do something different so selling some coral. I can travel if bought as a package deal. Plate- medium (larger than circumference of a soda can) $35 Plate-large bigger than the 1st $45 Acanthophyllia (Aka meat coral, aka Indo Scoly) larger than a saucer opened $75 20+ heads of giant green duncan corals $175 (they sell for $30 per polyp on LA) Candy coral teal (a lot of heads over 25) $100- less than $4 bucks a head!! Neon green toadstool -$25 double on 1 plug Purple hammer/Frogspawn combo 3 heads of hammer and 2 of frogspawn-$60 Frogspawn colony over 4 heads- $50 Large Yuma with baby $25 About $590 in corals, if bought as a package, I will sell it all for $450. That's $140 off. I can't frag them as I'm back in a cast and have no room in the tank. All are on live rock. Great way to fill up a tank quickly or get fellow reefers to chip in and frag these bad boys up.
  12. Yep. Got a 4xT5 on my 40b. It is a LPS only tank. Hammer, frog spawn,Meat coral, ricordia, candy cane coral and a few Zoas snuck in there to. Plenty of growth. Replaced all stock bulbs with ATI and UV brand. .
  13. I've had a bacteria bloom before.. wasn't fun. But here's the thing. The bacteria that's making your water cloudy maybe and is more than likely aerobic in nature (consumes O2) and could(or is) dropping your O2 levels. For giggles, I had my water tested at the marine research place where my girlfriend works at. They use a PPM and I do not recall that exact number but it was really low. Now depending on your bioload size, it may not do anything what so ever. But with that said, I lost fish during a bad bacteria bloom that I cause by overdosing with organic carbon. Hence the water changes. That type of bacteria like organic stuff in the water and you have to do water Chang to combat this. Also another tip is to do a wet skimmate (really wet skimmet crap than the normal). You are then skimming the bacteria out. .