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  1. Corals for sale

    All pending except for plates
  2. Corals for sale

    Price dropping. Ducans $125 Candy $75 Purple hammer/frogspawn $55
  3. Corals for sale

    Yuma is gone. Can't make the meet
  4. Corals for sale

    Purple hammer/frog spawn back up forsale
  5. Corals for sale

    Surprise me... I not hard to deal with.. .
  6. Corals for sale

    Meat coral- pending Yuma/neon toadstool-pending Frogspawn/hammer- pending .
  7. Corals for sale

    Indo scoly aka meat coral pending Open to offers now.
  8. Corals for sale

    Sent you a pm. Text me at that number. May try to get to you this weekend.
  9. Corals for sale

    Hammer/frogspawn No longer pending back up for sale
  10. Corals for sale

    Pm me with info and hopefully some other BR people may want something.
  11. Corals for sale

    I can
  12. Corals for sale

    Trying to do something different so selling some coral. I can travel if bought as a package deal. Plate- medium (larger than circumference of a soda can) $35 Plate-large bigger than the 1st $45 Acanthophyllia (Aka meat coral, aka Indo Scoly) larger than a saucer opened $75 20+ heads of giant green duncan corals $175 (they sell for $30 per polyp on LA) Candy coral teal (a lot of heads over 25) $100- less than $4 bucks a head!! Neon green toadstool -$25 double on 1 plug Purple hammer/Frogspawn combo 3 heads of hammer and 2 of frogspawn-$60 Frogspawn colony over 4 heads- $50 Large Yuma with baby $25 About $590 in corals, if bought as a package, I will sell it all for $450. That's $140 off. I can't frag them as I'm back in a cast and have no room in the tank. All are on live rock. Great way to fill up a tank quickly or get fellow reefers to chip in and frag these bad boys up.
  13. odysse t5

    Yep. Got a 4xT5 on my 40b. It is a LPS only tank. Hammer, frog spawn,Meat coral, ricordia, candy cane coral and a few Zoas snuck in there to. Plenty of growth. Replaced all stock bulbs with ATI and UV brand. .
  14. Today is the day

    National news story on the spy in Houma. I remember going to the work the following day after the arrest/search and hearing about it .
  15. Today is the day

    Add this to it.. They're here already. .