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  1. It just depends on the tank and footprint . I have some dead rock that I took out
  2. Price reduced 500.00 firm. Tank is broke down, ready to go. Work out of town and looking for something smaller perhaps an AIO
  3. Marinland 90 reef octopus 150 classic mag 9.5 return pump reef radiance led lights oak stand and hood ( purchased from Aquahut) eshopp sump 600 call or text 228-234-8447
  4. I have probably 60-75 lb of rock that is infested . The LFS told me that even if I take the rock out and set in the sun for a while they will come back . I am thinking of an acid bath in addition . I hat to throw it out and have to buy it over but at this point I think I need to remove what fish and the coral that is left. Store said they would give me store credit for it and clean the entire tank .opinions
  5. I have about 30 gallons of saltwater that has been mixed for about 6 weeks has always had a pump circulating in it . Use it or throw it out, wanted to change out 30 gallons today and another 30 in couple days.
  6. I pose this question as i have been thinking a lot about taking my 90 down to reboot. It has become infested with pest anemone . While taking it down i have been thinking of a small downsize. I know i can get these AIO that have the low iron glass at a premium but wondering if on smaller tanks say less then a 40 breeder , which has 1/4 " glass can you tell a noticeable difference in the clarity. I am well aware of the look of the rimless tanks but that aside. Any opinions
  7. Used it very little has pump included 50
  8. I have one of these never got around to using it 75
  9. while i am on a rant about coralvue products . I have bought several . Lets Maxspect Gyre impellers and bushings were replace after 6 months, Thanks to gerwin. Autoaqua smart ato the brain replaced not once but twice the first year i had it once again thank to gerwin at just fish for replacing these items without my asking , i was prepared to go to coralvue with the issues but was taken care of . I think there really is something to buying quality the first time. Live and learn
  10. i have had the skimmer for about 2 years . got it at just fish. i just found it odd the last skimmer i had , used the OTP pump called coralvue and was told the impeller was bad bought it and guess what ... yep the impeller was not the problem . I called them again and was then sold the pump . At this point i am thinking they don't really sell a quality product after all.
  11. i am going to clean this skimmer again just to be sure the is nothing stuck in the volute
  12. yep every 3-6 months. for reference i clean my mag pump maybe 4-5 times in the 8+ years i have had it . in addition i bought it used just keeps pumping