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  1. That sucks big time, sorry to hear.
  2. I saw that too, the 1 gallon package may be convenient not having to measure but looks more expensive. I miss the 1 gallon buckets they used to sell it in, perfect when a 5 gallon is just too big.
  3. If you have a hand sketch or some directions of what you have in mind I can get something done and sent to you in pdf form. As for the rock, I'd wait on the Pukani, Blue zoo has live in stock.
  4. Nice, I was looking at upgrading to a 72 x 36 peninsula, then I got some quotes from Planet...ouch! I'll keep what I have. Good luck with the new tank.
  5. I've only used ORP when I was running ozone, I still have the probe but never noticed any correlation between ORP and a dirty sump. So, I looked at my controller's history and ORP jumped from 375 to 475 around the time I cleaned my sump last month. Total drain, cleaned all pumps, heaters and scraped all the filter feeders off the glass, the tank had been ignored for awhile. Interesting observation, I do agree that stability is the key to success.
  6. Glad to see you're back, I haven't done much with my tank in two years. I did recently clean it up and basically start over, kept the fish and I'll probably just keep softies. I know one of my fish love purple gorgonian, so I'll try some different cheap corals and see if he lets any grows.
  7. FB is for looking at pictures of the grandkids. BRK seems to be for selling stuff these days. Times they are a changing.
  8. I think you'll think of a tank every time you pass the spot you had picked out for it in y'all new home.
  9. Interesting way of securing the power bricks. Nice and clean, plenty room to perform maintenance, excellent job.
  10. That sucks, sorry to hear. Circulation pumps failed?
  11. Anyone have a couple handfuls of Chaeto in the Houma area? TIA
  12. Can't beat a plumb bob or laser for being true, I find it easier with the tank in place and some cushion on the bottom pane for safety. Use some stainless steel, aluminum rods and that should blend with the aluminum fixture and not look bad with stainless appliances if you're going that route. Use two ladders, one on each side the tank and a 2 x 12 to stand on over the tank.
  13. Maybe Zebrasoma flavescens will be the next captive bred marine fish, Hawaii has been fighting the aquarium industry for years.