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  1. I think you'll think of a tank every time you pass the spot you had picked out for it in y'all new home.
  2. Reef 238 Photos

    Interesting way of securing the power bricks. Nice and clean, plenty room to perform maintenance, excellent job.
  3. Crash, 100% loss

    That sucks, sorry to hear. Circulation pumps failed?
  4. LF Chaeto Houma

    Close please, found some, thanks!
  5. LF Chaeto Houma

    Anyone have a couple handfuls of Chaeto in the Houma area? TIA
  6. Hanging an ATI sunpower

    Can't beat a plumb bob or laser for being true, I find it easier with the tank in place and some cushion on the bottom pane for safety. Use some stainless steel, aluminum rods and that should blend with the aluminum fixture and not look bad with stainless appliances if you're going that route. Use two ladders, one on each side the tank and a 2 x 12 to stand on over the tank.
  7. Hawaii closed?!?!

    Maybe Zebrasoma flavescens will be the next captive bred marine fish, Hawaii has been fighting the aquarium industry for years.
  8. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Nice prize, good to be an expert...
  9. FTS

  10. MACNA 2017

    The wife and I had a blast, a nice distraction. Nice to see the new stuff, the DC pumps that are all the rage. Having never seen one I assumed there had to be a power brick inline somewhere, I had no idea how big they are. A 2" thick 4" square brick you have to find a place for. Skimmer companies are still trying to stand out, one used a horizontal gate valve to adjust the water level, interesting but IMHO the quality wasn't there. My current skimmer has the pump inside the body and I wasn't sure how that would work. It skims great and the space savings in the sump is really nice, the Bubble Magus Curve may make the list for my new build. Looks easy to get the cone off to service the pump too. The Giesemann and GHL lights are cool, coolest goes to the UFO lights, although only for nano. Nice to see the Mindstream is really coming along. So much more and some I'm sure I missed. Thanks to the BRK guys that donated time and energy, not an easy undertaking and I'm sure the storm hurt attendance. And why was the Ferrari there?
  11. POTM June 2017 Winner

    Congrats, good shot!
  12. Announcing MACNA 2017 in Nola - Party THIS Sunday!

    First I see this, missed another one...
  13. Nano Bubble Scrubbing

    Does your skimmer collect less? I could see some benefit from this, especially with ample surface skimming into a sock since you're turning your tank into a skimmer. Interested to see the data you collect over time.
  14. LaRon's 75g Mixed

    I don't have an apex but, if the controller communicates wireless with the pump I would think neither has to be plugged into the controller.