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  1. POTM June 2017 Winner

    Congrats, good shot!
  2. MACNA 2017 Hotel Info

    Got my full pass, I was going to drive back and forth everyday but the wife wants to stay in the city so I go to book the room and they want $50 a night to park a car! Surely that must be a mistake. Did I miss something like a check box to validate parking?

    An extruded aluminum company, 80/20 or the like demonstrating it's uses, a stand in particular. Pro's/ con's compared to welded metal tubing.
  4. Announcing MACNA 2017 in Nola - Party THIS Sunday!

    First I see this, missed another one...
  5. Nano Bubble Scrubbing

    Does your skimmer collect less? I could see some benefit from this, especially with ample surface skimming into a sock since you're turning your tank into a skimmer. Interested to see the data you collect over time.
  6. LaRon's 75g Mixed

    I don't have an apex but, if the controller communicates wireless with the pump I would think neither has to be plugged into the controller.
  7. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    That had to hurt! You couldn't glue the fillet back on? Okay, bad joke, probably will take a while to heal though.
  8. Schys 40G Breeder

    Is that EMT?? thin wall conduit? That looks nice, cleanest I've seen. Does it flex any with just one support? The ability to swing it out the way is the sh$tza.
  9. Controller Suggestion

    You have the Profilux, I would suggest to use that. I can help some with the program logic, shouldn't need to use logic for the simpler things like ATO, temp, pH monitor, etc. Is it a P2 or P3?
  10. Congrats Grey Ghost! April POTM Winner!

    Sweet photo!
  11. Cutting the Cord!

    It's been a while since we were doing the math, but I seem to remember that dumping everything except internet from the cable folks and then adding prime and netflix was close to the same cost. We do keep a land line through cable and that would skew the bottom line some. I just don't recall our numbers coming in as low as I'm seeing here. The internet was the killer, there was a point where the less bundle we wanted the more it cost.
  12. Seneye readings

    I'm not a chemist, never heard of NH4 and only ever tested for ammonia in a QT or during a cycle.
  13. Seneye readings

    Ammonium http://answers.seneye.com/en/water_chemistry/what_is_ammonia_NH3_NH4