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  1. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Got the ATI Sunpower mounted to the ceiling today. Unlike @Reef Tank Greg, I didn’t opt to give myself additional attic ventilation by putting my foot through the ceiling, lol I had to screw one side into a joist directly because it was right where I needed to put the right side’s mount. I didn’t want to go that route, as I really wanted to mount it to a 2x4 straddling two joists, which is what I did on the left side. I guess it will all still hold, since I used a 3.5” deck screw to affix it to the joist.
  2. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Finished the plumbing manifold, now I need to go get some hose clamps
  3. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Yeah, I had to soak mine in muriatic acid and water for a few HOURS the calcium was so thick. I left the cardboard on since it makes sliding the sump in and out easier (and keeps me from scratching up both the stand and the sump) while I am working down there in the stand on the plumbing. Now that it’s done, I’ll remove it.
  4. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Finished up plumbing today, by building a reactor manifold. I then got my UV sterilizer all cleaned up of calcium deposits, and replaced the bulb. I mounted it to the stand near the manifold.
  5. April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    Sorry, photobucket issues...directly uploaded the picture instead.
  6. April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    Here's Jerry's entry... gives a whole new meaning to "side shot."
  7. April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    Damned photobucket...edited to fix this.
  8. After mine cleared out the aiptasia, they started eating my rock flower anemones. I added my flame hawk to the tank, and he tore the shrimp to shreds in a few days time, ending that problem
  9. Xenia Releases air born Palytoxin

    Not buying it either...I remember something like this due to someone boiling his live rock in his kitchen, which was covered with zoanthids and palythoa. Xenia doesn't release PALYotoxin, as far as I's from PALYthoa.
  10. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Thanks, Mike. I’ll do that!
  11. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Yes I was going to use the clear primer, as I have in the past, but, I didn’t have any on hand and have a ton of the purple stuff, so, no need to waste more money. Im just being extra careful to not get runs of the stuff on the white fittings. I’m going to cut back on the tape as suggested.
  12. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    A minor update. I started plumbing the tank, my most unfavorite part of a build, today. The back portion will be for a manifold that I have yet to build (go figure, I ran out of fittings) that will feed my UV, Ozone reactor, calcium reactor, sulfur denitrator, and a media reactor. I might add a Cheatomorpha reactor in the future. My sand from Marcorocks arrived today...the mail lady here must hate me — 140lbs she had to lug to the door in 4 packages . I am going with a shallow sand bed. Initially, I wasn’t going to do one at all, but, the black PVC bottom doesn’t look too natural. I added a 1” seaswirl to the return and a Maggie muffler on the drain. I had to use screw in couplers on the seaswirl and return line, and it makes me wish they made Teflon tape in black to match the PVC As an aside, I found a place online that has inexpensive plumbing fittings. In the past, I have ordered from Savko or BRS, or bought fittings from the big box or local hardware stores. Valves, especially true union valves, and unions are hideously expensive at all the aforementioned places. I found true union valves and unions for half the price of any other place, with only $5 UPS ground shipping for all the valves and unions I needed at, if anyone else is looking for the same.
  13. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    I have had my apex system for probably 6 years now, and, I don't plan on adding any other components to it. I am reusing much of the equipment I've had from various other thanks, ranging from 2 gallons to 400 gallons, on this one . If you were to enter my garage, you'd think you were in an aquarium equipment warehouse, lol. I am hoping to keep the costs limited to just the tank, rock, sand, and the light.
  14. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Can anyone do a simple CAD dawing for me that I can send to a CNC/Laser cutter for a plexiglass baffle I am looking to have made? Thanks! Today, I picked up some sand, just enough for a 1" sand bed. I really was debating on whether not I wanted to do another sandbed, and was really leaning towards none, but, the black PVC bottom they put on this tank swayed me towards adding some sand. Ran into a snag with getting some dry rock ordered, though. I can't recycle the stuff I have already since I don't want to transfer all the aiptasia and nuisance algae and palys into this new setup. It seems that the Pukani rock I wanted to get is sold out everywhere. Evidently, the exporting nation banned rock exports, unbeknownst to me. After contacting BRS, I was told that the ban has just recently been lifted, and this type of rock is on the way, via boat, but, will take at least 2 months to get here. So, that REALLY screws things up for me, as that is the style rock I wanted to use.
  15. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    I agree, they are definitely overpriced. I could have likely bought a Reef Savvy for the same price and have it take just as long to get it done. I ordered it in October and with them having to build it three times because they can’t follow simple drawings, it took six months Instead of the three weeks they quoted me on.