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  1. Can never have too much of a seal when mixing water and wood
  2. Looks great, Greg. I bought a plumb bob to hang my fixture as well. The tank looks awesome, can't wait to see it in person one day. I have some LED bling inside my stand, too, but, not color changing like that. I have RED inside the dry-box and white inside the rest. Do you plan to leave that wood unpainted/unsealed on the stand's platform onto which the tank sits? If so, I'd advise against it.
  3. Marriage is overrated, Kenny. I'll cut you an even better deal on it that you can brag to Jen about... that way, maybe you can stay married.
  4. Still for sale. Make me a reasonable offer if you think $500 is too much for a heavy duty tank, stand, and sump.
  5. Jeremy, I'd like a frag of the rainbow mango. Let me know where we can meet up via PM.
  6. Good to know. I'm down for one, since the ones I have from the last time T-shirts were made have all gotten pretty worn out. Thanks for the effort, Aaron and Brandon.
  7. They do indeed work with the classic apex system (I don't know about the latest incarnation), via the use of the VDM module.
  8. kirk_m

    Fox Flame Frag

    Still for sale? Color me interested...
  9. That's pretty crazy... I can't believe no one else has done this before. My kids would have loved to do this with all the dead stuff I accumulated over the last two decades in the hobby!
  10. Wow. This has to be the most unique build I've ever seen around these parts. What's the sump made of?
  11. Tell me about the battery backup you are using. I always worry about damage to my equipment from the transition from electric co. supply to generator power whenever mine goes out.
  12. Damn, that’s a problem I’d love to have! I can’t keep my rocks alive, thanks to the rogue peppermint shrimp in my tank eating them!
  13. Class act there, Will. The only thing I see there that I don’t like is the electronics being inside the stand, over the sump. Otherwise it’s bloody perfect!
  14. Updated photos from today, September 7, 2019. Things are nicely colored and growing slowly.
  15. Because I am just out of range for AT&T & Charter to bring cable down the street. Too far from the last relay station, which is not even 1/4 mile from me, or some such bullBAD WORD. I've called so many times, it's now just a waste of breath. Charter offered to run the cable, if I'd pay construction costs -- of $30,000, to which I said "are you effing joking?" I told them I had been a customer at my previous two addresses for 20+ years, and, that didn't matter much to them.
  16. Slowly... things just don't seem to grow as rapidly as I remember them doing, and I have lost some stuff due to equipment failures. I haven't added any new livestock, so, nothing really to show. Since I don't have internet out here, uploading pictures is a real pain to transfer from the camera, to a laptop,then have the laptop use my phone as its internet connection (which is slow as hell). I'd probably update more if not for that.
  17. For sale: 120 gallon original Oceanic "brick" tank -- brick means it is made of THICK 3/4" thick glass and has no braces. The sale will include a 40 gallon chambered sump (glass, with refugium, return, and skimmer section), and a heavy duty stand that was custom made by a local professional cabinet maker. It alone weighs around 200 lbs, and you can likely park a truck on top of it. Dimensions: The tank weighs nearly 400 lbs, so, bring 2-3 people to help you load it. No plumbing parts are included -- you will need your own PVC and bulkheads. Taken down 2 years ago and stored in climate controlled settings. I’d keep it if I hadn’t upgraded to 370 gallons. I’ve cleaned off 90-95% of the coralline so you can check it out thoroughly before buying. The stuff on the overflow box is where a pavona coral has encrusted into it. I got most Of this off, but to remove it all, you’ll probably need muriatic acid. Had no leaks when I had it running, but you might want to consider having a professional reseal it for you. We can leak test it while you’re here, if desired.