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  1. Tell me about the battery backup you are using. I always worry about damage to my equipment from the transition from electric co. supply to generator power whenever mine goes out.
  2. Damn, that’s a problem I’d love to have! I can’t keep my rocks alive, thanks to the rogue peppermint shrimp in my tank eating them!
  3. Class act there, Will. The only thing I see there that I don’t like is the electronics being inside the stand, over the sump. Otherwise it’s bloody perfect!
  4. Updated photos from today, September 7, 2019. Things are nicely colored and growing slowly.
  5. Because I am just out of range for AT&T & Charter to bring cable down the street. Too far from the last relay station, which is not even 1/4 mile from me, or some such bullBAD WORD. I've called so many times, it's now just a waste of breath. Charter offered to run the cable, if I'd pay construction costs -- of $30,000, to which I said "are you effing joking?" I told them I had been a customer at my previous two addresses for 20+ years, and, that didn't matter much to them.
  6. Slowly... things just don't seem to grow as rapidly as I remember them doing, and I have lost some stuff due to equipment failures. I haven't added any new livestock, so, nothing really to show. Since I don't have internet out here, uploading pictures is a real pain to transfer from the camera, to a laptop,then have the laptop use my phone as its internet connection (which is slow as hell). I'd probably update more if not for that.
  7. For sale: 120 gallon original Oceanic "brick" tank -- brick means it is made of THICK 3/4" thick glass and has no braces. The sale will include a 40 gallon chambered sump (glass, with refugium, return, and skimmer section), and a heavy duty stand that was custom made by a local professional cabinet maker. It alone weighs around 200 lbs, and you can likely park a truck on top of it. Dimensions: The tank weighs nearly 400 lbs, so, bring 2-3 people to help you load it. No plumbing parts are included -- you will need your own PVC and bulkheads. Taken down 2 years ago and stored in climate controlled settings. I’d keep it if I hadn’t upgraded to 370 gallons. I’ve cleaned off 90-95% of the coralline so you can check it out thoroughly before buying. The stuff on the overflow box is where a pavona coral has encrusted into it. I got most Of this off, but to remove it all, you’ll probably need muriatic acid. Had no leaks when I had it running, but you might want to consider having a professional reseal it for you. We can leak test it while you’re here, if desired.
  8. Nice...always wanted to a peninsula style tank, but, and would probably have done it as such in my new house...but, alas, spousal approval was at an all time low then
  9. He's full of BAD WORD. Remember the first two 300DD tanks I had Planet build me that weren't right? They were both the 300DD clones. Well, the first one was built to specs that I asked, with 3/4" thick glass and perimeter Eurobracing, plus two center braces. Since they put two overflow boxes on it, it got sent back. Well, the replacement tank was built with just the one overflow as I asked, but they used 1/2" thick glass. So it got sent back too...but not after Jerry @ Planet Aquariums tried to convince me that I should keep it, because that's how they build all of their 300DD tanks, using 1/2" thick glass. Sorry, 1/2" thick glass BOWS under that kind of water pressure, just like in the 1/2" thick marineland Deep Dimension tanks. So, they blow a seam just like this. I hope you had him build it with 3/4", even though it's more expensive.
  10. Ugh, that sucks, Eric. I'm pretty sure Melev (marc levenson) had the same thing happen to his Marineland 300DD tank within a year or so after having bought it, brand new.
  11. Nope, no spawns. I lost a few nice ones prior to the transfer, and just in the last week, a couple more have disappeared. No clue where they went. They were looking great prior to starting to walk and then disappear below the rocks. Hughes isn’t even an option. No way I’m paying over $100 a month for 25 gigs of data use prior to them throttling you to 600kilobit speeds (some “unlimited” plan they’ve got there).
  12. So, I did my first water test in a year. Alk and Ca++ are both high, so, I tuned down the dosers. Here are a few pictures. I'd like to upload more, but, having no internet really sucks for large image uploads. I have to tether my phone to my computer, and, since I only get 1-2 LTE bars out here, data transfers are excruciating. Now I remember why I don't do any updates. This is like dealing with modem dialup back in the early 90s, as these photos will probably take an hour to upload.
  13. Time for an update. The tank is coming up on 1 year old since starting it. I have a bunch of frags that I got from members on the board here that are slowly growing out. Not a lot to see. I picked up a few items I was looking for over at Fragniappe, namely the Oregon blue tort and the ORA red planet. I'm not so sure of what the direction of this tank will be, meaning, I am probably not going to pack it full of everything out there. I think I am just going to let all frags grow out to be massive colonies, with no more than 2 colonies per each rock. Coral prices are obscene now as well, so, I don't see myself buying any of this high dollar stuff that costs $300/bugger. Planning on taking some photos this weekend with a real camera, as the phone and reef tanks just don't seem to mix.
  14. Heya! I don't have any of those, but, glad to see you back...
  15. Not at all, Aaron... you're welcome any time. Sorry for the lack of progress pics. Cell phone pics suck, and, not having the option of getting any kind of internet service out here besides crappy satellite service (100 a month for 20 gigs which my teenager would burn in a day) is kind of a disincentive to break out the DSLR and upload high quality pics.
  16. Damned straight I could go some pearlberry, lol... let me know when it's all healed up and ready.
  17. I've got aiptasia spreading like wildfire too, so, machts nichts.
  18. Mike, No, I haven't found a mint pavona yet. I am also still looking for a green cap with purple rim, orange cap (especially if it's one of those WWC hybrid types with the green swirls in it), and purple cap.