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  1. So far, no luck with the Tech M. The algae has a feathery appearance to it once you turn the pumps off and take a good hard look at it. I have been dosing MB7 for about 2 weeks now, and the TechM for a week. The mag is 2000ppm, and the only difference I have noticed is that a few of my chalices appear to be burned and losing flesh. Same with one acro. The algae seems to be going strong. Alk is 10, Cal is 450. Nitrate is 0, P04 is 0 (via a Merck low level phosphate test kit). Where is this crap coming from?
  2. kirk_m

    Attention bobby

    So, what was it? I don't see any $2300 fish on there now.
  3. Nice setup and pictures... :obscene-drinkingcheers:
  4. That's a drain for the skimmer cup. If you want to run it into a skimmate collector or a bucket of some sort, so you don't have to empty it that often.
  5. That was you? Sorry dude...I didn't mean to force you into the ditch like that! :happy-partydance: Seriously though, thanks for the's a really nice ride and a much needed switch from my 12 yr old Civic, which was just now starting to have a few somewhat major mechanical problems.
  6. Though I don't have an Apex, I have the powerbar mounted OUTSIDE of my stand, screwed into the back of the stand. No chance of salt creep or spray getting on it. Only if a fish makes a big splash will water EVER get back there. As an aside, I have one of those American DJ powerstrips INSIDE my stand, nearly a foot and a half above my sump. Water never splashes up there to touch it, but, the mounting brackets for it (metal) are corroded, and periodically, it trips my GFI because moisture (from the humidity inside the stand) gets in one of the outlets. Outside the stand is a better bet, IMO.
  7. Kevin, Why are you using feed pumps for those reactors? If you have a large enough return pump, you can make a manifold of PVC parts on it that feed all of your reactors, as well as return water to your tank. I have the Eheim 1262, it is my return, and it feeds a GFO reactor, calcium reactor, and a denitrator type reactor. Now, the flow from my return is diminished, but, that doesn't matter much to me. If you go up to a larger pump, say like an Ocean Runner 6500, the impact on return flow is minimal. Just a thought... -Kirk
  8. Wasn't meant to be a fish pic, so, I set the exposure time longer so that I could use a small aperture to get a greater depth of field, without using a flash and going to a faster ISO (induces grain/noise). The damned fish just HAVE to follow me around, so I couldn't get them out of the frame.
  9. Yup... rules are, per the grand poobah, "It's time for Bayou Reefkeeping's first photo contest! Accepting entries for the next two weeks! Photos must be either of the following: Full Tank Shot, Side Photo of Tank, or Top Down Photo of your whole tank. Post your photo here!
  10. Hmmm... somehow, I'm thinking this is not bryopsis that I have then, given Ken's description. It may be just regular hair algae, but, nothing seems to be interested in eating it. I'm already dosing the MB7 via my LiterMeter III every day, but, I haven't noticed any changes. Skimming very wet, converted one of my old calcium reactors into a sulfur denitrator, added GFO, and it still seems to be thriving!
  11. I use snap grip plastic hose clamps, available from USPLASTICS.COM. 6 years and still going strong on my 120. I don't have any hard plumbing on that tank at all. ... rchresults
  12. kirk_m

    Kalkwasser reactors?

    Earl, I' m not doubting what you're saying. All I stated was that in MY experience with KALK, it was NEVER enough to keep alk and cal up. When I tried it, my calcium would fall by 100 ppm a week, and the alk would fall by several degrees KH. Far too much fluctuation and my corals looked like crap. I was adding the kalk with my automatic topoff (tunze osmolator), so only a small amount at a time was being added. Maybe they are dumping many gallons of it into their tank daily, and have a very very high evaporation rate that allows it. That's my experience with it. EDIT: I just went and watched that video, and, not knowing how old it is, that is a tank full of frags. Maybe that's why it works for them. If it was a tank full of massive colonies, like what I had at one time, it wouldn't work so well.
  13. kirk_m

    Kalkwasser reactors?

    Actually, at one time I was dosing, using a calcium reactor, and a kalkwasser reactor all at the same time, because the Ca reactor could not keep up with demand for all the SPS I had at one time. I guess if you are using it on a stony-coral laden tank, you are going to be using A LOT of it. I found, personally, that kalk alone was not enough. The thing I liked about using it was that it offset the pH drop that the calcium reactor was causing. I really cannot think of anything negative about using it.
  14. kirk_m

    Kalkwasser reactors?

    I have a GEO kalk reactor, which is very similar to the PM one you are considering. What I do not care for with either design is the use of the powerhead to stir the kalk. The MaxiJet impeller deteriorates in a VERY short amount of time in the highly alkaline kalk, so you wind up replacing it nearly 4 times a year. Impellers cost about 15 a piece last time I checked, so, over the course of 5 years of ownership, I have probably paid more for replacement impellers than I did for the unit initially. I'd look elsewhere, personally. Avast Marineworks has a kalk stirrer very similar to what Deltec makes. I'd look at that one.
  15. Those are pretty nifty dimensions on that tank... what make is it?
  16. I guess I am going to have to try this, since using the Two Part magnesium recipe from BRS doesn't seem to have affected my algae problem at all. I'm almost wondering if what I have is actually Bryopsis, or something else, as it looks different from what's in Ken's picture. For $34/gallon, it's cheaper than buying a bunch of cleanup crew that may or may not touch it.
  17. If you measure the size of your skimmer cup and email the dimensions to them, they can tell you if what they have will fit. It's all a matter of whether the edge of your cup will fit into the machined groove of the skimmer lid they provide. You can also have them retrofit your existing skimmer's lid with the motor assembly if you choose.
  18. The mantle just doesn't look like it's fully expanded... it will look kind of crinkled and is held very close to the shell, often not going beyond the rim of the clam's shell. I'm not saying there's something wrong, but, I'd just keep an eye on it.
  19. When a clam's siphon gapes like that, it may not be a good sign. It often means the clam is stressed. Every time that I had a clam start gaping, it died a few weeks later. Just watch it to make sure that the mantle doesn't also start to retract. It may not like where you moved it to. Just a thought.
  20. That'll probably be the next thing I get for my Alpha 200. That skimmer's cup is vastly undersized for the amount of skimmate it produces a day, and I really don't want to have it drain into a bucket without a shut off valve like what the DJSL has.
  21. Back in November, I purchased a SWABBIE self-cleaning head for my ReefFLo Orca 250. The unit is VERY well made, here in the USA. It seems to have increased the efficiency of the skimmer by probably 25% due to not allowing crud to build up in the skimmer neck. It is meant to be run several times a day, for about 2 minutes at a time, using a simple light timer (digital works best due to the small time increments they allow as opposed to analog ones). The cost of mine was about $150, plus shipping. This is a far cry from other self cleaning head systems, such as the Deltec, which was over a grand last time I checked. Same with BK. Now, this one doesn't wash down the neck and purge the cup as the Deltec does, but, IMO, that really isn't needed unless you are totally lazy. Due to the lack of buildup in the skimmer neck, I clean the cup maybe once every 2 months. As far as negatives go, my only wish is that they would make the squee-gee blade longer, as it doesn't seem to catch the very bottom inch of the neck of this particular skimmer (the units are not custom made, but, available in a variety of different lid sizes to fit a variety of skimmers - though you can send in your existing skimmer lid and have it retrofit with the motor). It adds about 2" to the height of your skimmer, due to the motor being on top, so, it may prevent you removing your skimmer's lid if space is tight inside your cabinet/stand. Overall score: A
  22. Probably the most awesome thing about this tank is the amount of movement present with all of the softies and anemones. Earl, is that a HUGE snail on the overflow in the second picture?
  23. Looks like crap, Earl.... you asked. JUST KIDDING! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: