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  1. It might matter. Polarity might be an issue.
  2. kirk_m

    ID please...

    Definitely a Turbinaria reniformis.
  3. No way to splice the wires with solder and then protect them each individually with heatshrink tubing and then another layer of tubing to cover both?
  4. Anyone? The biggest show in North America just happened, hosted in NOLA by BRK, and no members here have a single thing to say about it? This is unreal.
  5. True, but the esthetics would be nasty.
  6. I want the 502b, glasses, and batteries. Will you ship them?
  7. I am really dreading this task. I really don't want to put holes in the ceiling of my brand new house, but, it's the only way to use this fixture on an open top tank. Any tips would be appreciated regarding how to make absolutely sure I am putting the holes in the correct place. Plumbob? Laser? I'd ask @Reef Tank Greg's advice, but, he usually falls through the ceiling when doing these kinds of things, lol
  8. I hope so. Went and got a quote on it yesterday, waiting to hear back. With the hurricane in Texas, where Planet Aquarium is located, it will likely delay things a bit.
  9. Looks good, Scott. Keep up the neglect
  10. Damn, this I going to be a very hard choice.
  11. Yeah, that one... did @Reef Tank Greg drink half of it? Never mind, I forgot he was hyped up on the Long Island Iced Teas
  12. Having a great time so far at MACNA 2017! The pre-party at Fulton Alley was a blast, especially with the *FREE BEER* donated by Abita, one of my favorite brews!
  13. Certainly looks nice...and in true Giesemann fashion, spendy for what you get.
  14. It's holding in there, Mike. I have a portable AC in the garage and a chiller on the system. The garage gets HOT though since it gets full sun in the afternoon. I'd think it's somewhere in the 90s in the garage, but, the chiller and AC are keeping the tank at 80. If I didn't have the AC in there, the heat put off by the chiller's exhaust would probably contribute to boiling the tanks. Hopefully, it won't be TOO much longer before my house is done.
  15. Isn't your TV directly in line with that?
  16. Surprised no one's bitten. Though small, identical frags are sold at frag shows for almost $100. For the best blue acro out there, this is a good deal.
  17. Corey & Ashley, Welcome and thanks for your sponsorship... Now...let's see some pics of those ultra rock nems...
  18. Your best pictures yet, Ken. Everything is perfectly in focus!
  19. I'd use the ceramic media instead of the lava rock, as it is far more inert. But, as others have said, use that media after some other form of filtration, like socks or filter pads, so less detritus settles out into it. The first compartment of a sump is the settlement want to keep the detritus confined to that area. It's a lot easier to vacuum it all out when you don't have a bunch of rocks in there.