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  1. +1 rep to you, Sir, for helping other reefers out.
  2. Any of the ORA ones are pretty hardy.
  3. Yeah, Richard's bacon explosion that he cooked on his Green Egg was enough to give us all a heart attack...
  4. A lot of familiar corals in those Kirk's Grandis polyps:). Thanks for sharing pics!
  5. If you haven't seen this system in person, you've missed out!
  6. Thanks for posting about your saltwater journey! By the way, where is Pecan Island?
  7. Don't know how I missed this update, but, Steve, it looks amazing!
  8. kirk_m

    Old AI Sols

    Well, the thing that REALLY sucks about AI now is that they no longer make replacement parts for their old lights. They won't even sell you upgrade modules to make them into the latest generation of lights. This was what was supposed to be AI's strong point -- they were "future proof." But, their merger with Ecotech killed that. Now, it's buy the new lights or nothing. You can't buy replacement PUCKS nor logic boards for the SOL anymore. Trust me, I have tried, only to be told by their "tech support" monkeys I was out of luck.
  9. One of the best pics I've seen in a while. Congrats!
  10. Crap. I wonder what the heck's going on in that tank. It's been doing crazy stuff since you set it up. Have you checked all your impellers and magnets to make sure nothing's rusting?
  11. Cool experiment. I hope it works!
  12. Has anyone seen Aquatic Sealife's recent facebook postings? They're moving to a 4000 sq foot space in July from their current location on David Drive to the K-mart shopping center location "around the block" on Veterans Blvd. Talk about a huge store...I don't think there's been a locally owned store that big here that specialized in fish only, ever. I don't think even Aquarium Imports back in the day had that kind of square footage.
  13. Doesn't that just SUCK when you can't pin losses on anything?
  14. Very cool. I have about 4 babies attached to the rock that 5 mature rock nems are attached to. Very slow growers so far!
  15. ^^ same experience as Greg's here. I just keep them fed and it eventually disappears.
  16. kirk_m

    Stand Support??

    Agreed. Before All-Glass Aquariums was absorbed into Central Pet Supply, and became rebranded as Aqueon, I had an All-Glass 72 gallon bowfront, on the pine stand I bought it with...720+ lbs. Held fine.
  17. No good deed goes unpunished...
  18. Welcome're moving up to "big boy tank" size now, lol
  19. kirk_m

    Scolyl for sale

    I'll take the chalice.
  20. Is that condensation inside the seam?
  21. Thanks, Adam and Paige for hosting us...I loved the huge cow pasture behind your yard! THe house came out great from post-flood renovations! Good to see everyone, and, thanks, Mike, for the great job on the crawfish!
  22. What do you consider to be "deep water?" I've had the Hawkins blue and an acropora caroliniana, both being smooth corallite acros, which some people say is what determines them being called "deep water," and grew both to large colonies near the top of the tank with no issues.