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  1. I kept a 90 gallon on the second floor of my house for years without any trouble so I think you will be ok.
  2. I have some too if you need some. I got it from Pets Plus a few months ago and it is growing quite quickly.
  3. I just tested it out again and made sure i was in the forums before i hit the new content button and it still did it. This started a couple of days ago.
  4. It automatically comes up with the forum tab highlighted...I was always able to get new content before..i almost never go into the arcade or blog
  5. LIttle off topic but not sure where else to post it. Is anyone else having problems with the view new content button? Anytime I click it i get something telling me there is no new content but when i look there IS new content that has been added since the last time I was on.
  6. The corals were in a small tank on the bottom. The main coral tank is not ready yet. And the 10% applied to corals too.
  7. Went in today and was impressed. Picked up a nice torch coral and a few other things. They also had several sea hares which I know someone on here was looking for recently.
  8. Glad to hear it. Have been waiting until they opened to add some stuff to the new tank.
  9. Trying to figure out exactly where that 106 Gause address is.
  10. I forgot to add that I used the BioSpira to cycle the tank as well...
  11. Are there any good places to get montis on the north shore/Slidell? I am not looking for anything fancy just some normal digitatas and caps.
  12. MIne has been running about 7 weeks and the mushrooms are growing and I am getting a new head on the candy cane/trumpet (not sure which it is). I do not have any fish in there yet as I still have not decided what i want. WIth it being a small tank I know I am limited in fish so I am trying to take my time and figure out what I really want. MY end goal is for some montis. I built up the rock pretty high in the back so I could put some montis where they will get plenty of light.
  13. Was curious as to how long most of you wait before adding corals after your tank cycles? This is the first time I have set up a tank using mainly the dry rock from BRS and I do not want to rush it. I purchased a lot of the Pukani which had some dried material still left on it and that helped kick the cycle off pretty well. I should also add that it is a Red Sea Max 130D and stock everything so far. I plan to get the media basket and upgrade to the Tunze skimmer I just wanted to wait until after cycling before I started messing with stuff. I did a test case and added a couple of mushrooms and a small candy cane frag two weeks ago and they seem to be doing well.
  14. Trying to figure out exactly where this will be located. When I did map quest i pulled up near the Gause and Highway 11 intersection...is that correct?
  15. That would be near the Gause Hwy 11 intersection?