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  1. If any of you guys are or know of a reputable professional plumber with St tammany parish code knowledge please PM me ASAP. I am buying a home and have a few potential plumbing problems and I need to find out if they need to be addressed. I only have 4 days left for my inspection period so time is of the essence. If the problems need to be addressed I may be able to get you specced in for the repair work.
  2. Jstan84

    Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    I would like to get one of the milis and the lemonades from you
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    I'm going to leave the mag alone and work on phos and nitrate. I have some brightwell neophos coming in today to start dosing phosphate. I also have a nitrate discrepancy to figure out. I get 0.00 readings every time I test my nitrate with the red Sea nitrate pro kit, but the ICP test show nitrates at 18ppm. So either my test kit is bad or the ICP test is inaccurate. Going to bring my test kit and some water to the store I bought the kit from today and see if I can get some clarity.
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Finally got my tank in, Planet Aquariums 65 gal 36x18x24 rimless with external overflow and black silicone. Also have my stand finished minus putting the door pulls on. I am quite impressed with the tank though there are 3 things that aggravated me a little. 1. the tank has a very very small scratch on one of sides, it is on the outside and hard to spot 2. some of the acrylic cover for the overflow is a little scuffed up on the outside, though you wont be able to see it. 3. the hole in the overflow for the return does not line up perfectly with the notch in the overflow for the return nozzle, not off enough to make it not work just a little thing I noticed. Overall though I cant complain too much for the price I paid for a custom tank. John at aqua hut did a good job with keeping me informed and giving me a great price. The majority of equipment for this tank will be recycled from my 40 breeder. The list includes: 2x MP10WES Maxpect Razor 27" 16k (thinking of possibly switching to a single radion though) eshopps S-120 skimmer finnex 300w titanium heating element Reefkeeper light controller aquamedic return pump Havent figured out what Im gonna do for a media reactor yet. I have a nextreef that is far too big, and an IM reactor that is too small. Might sell both to get a bigger IM reactor Sump is a 20L I built, may add another section with a filter sock tray so it will hold 2 socks and the socks will be much easier to change. Also toying with the idea of building an algae scrubber too I also have a bubble magus triple doser, but not gonna get too far ahead of myself I have about 30-40lbs of my old rock from the 40 in a brute that has been marinating for the last 2 months, and also ordered another 20lbs from BRS It has become obvious that I need to move back to the narrower lenses for the light fixture with the increased height. Dry fitting the piping, has since been glued I am still not 100% sure on what direction I am going to go with this tank but I am leaning away from heavy sps tank idea and gravitating towards a more forgiving system. Gonna focus on fish more at the beginning and gradually move into some corals a little later I am hoping to be adding water by next weekend! Its good to finally have a tank that was exactly what I want (though I wish it was 3 feet longer and 6 inches wider). This is the first time I have ever gotten a brand new tank of substantial size and I hope it turns out great.
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    I got the results back from the ATI ICP and had some interesting results. I tested my water the day I bottled up the samples and got the following results from my kits: Salinity - 1.025 (digital refrac) Phosphate - 0.00 (Hanna) Nitrate - 0.00 (red Sea pro) Calcium - 444 (Hanna) Alk - 7.9dkh (Hanna) Mag - ~1400ish (aquaforest) My ICP results were as follows: Salinity - 32.40ppt Phosphate - 0.01 Nitrate - 18.93 Calcium - 451 Alk - 8.08 Mag - 1443 The nitrate reading is concerning considering I got 0.00 on a reputable kit, but I have been feeding very heavily lately so it's not unreasonable. At this point how do I go about lowering nitrates while raising phosphates? Test also showed pretty low iodine levels which should be an easy remedy. How should I go about lowering mag? Also seems.that it is time to change my rodi filters, getting high silicon reading from ICP thoughy TDS meters read 0 and my color change DI only appears half depleted.
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Not sure, it's an ora green stag looking acro but I don't think it's green slimer. The other acro that is much harder to see in the pic is an ora Joe the coral that is getting some nice color and a bit of growth.
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Another year later and here is how this tank sits now. Tank continued to be neglected until about 3 months ago. Since the last picture I have lost the bluejaw and the black clown mysteriously disappeared. That left only the orange clown and a mandarin. in the last months I have added a small sunburst anthias, another black clown, a female swallowtail angel, and a small multibar angel, as well as a few corals. Orange clown is currently in the sump, she got mean as hell when I added the new black clown. I am currently fighting low nutrients, as everything pretty much just seems to exist but not grow, and colors are light. Sending off an ICP test Monday to learn where all my parameters truly are, and I have started feeding 2-4 times a day (once dipped in selcon) instead of once ever few days. doing 10-15 gallon bi-weekly water changes. I am hoping to keep the tank on track this time around, every time things start going well something happens that kills my interest in keeping it up. But now I am expecting my first kid in a few weeks and I want this to be the one hobby that I can share with her that will be educational and maybe pass down a few real world skills.
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    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Has planet raised their prices a lot over the last few years? When I bought my tank in '14 I thought the price was great for what I got. Though my tank is only kinda custom, standard 65 gallon dims, rimless, black silicone, and external overflow. I guess the all out custom tanks come with a premium?
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    Free gsp

    You wanna trade some for a toadstool head?
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    Nem 4 sale. Sold

    Jerry, I'll take it if you still have it
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Sounds good, I cant kill a badge!
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    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Thanks guys, I am looking forward to getting this thing back on track and looking better. I think I am going to try to keep to simple and hardy corals this go around because I know how I am and I know I will go through phases where I don't want to keep up with maintenance properly. Hopefully after a few water changes I will be able to get the algae on the sand under control.
  13. Jstan84

    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    It has been 2 years and a day since I updated this thread. After I lost all of my fish except the clowns while QTing (which by the way I will never use formalin again!), I was so disgusted I became largely disinterested in the tank. It has had maybe 2 or 3 water changes in that 2 years, I have gone months without emptying the skimmer cup or changing filter socks, and at the worst I have let the algae grow on the glass to the point it would flake off in sheets. Over the last 2 months I have made some progress on getting better about some maintenance. I have been running some carbon and GFO, changing socks more frequently, and I built a stand and components for a water change station that still needs to be plumbed together. Here is how the tank sits now. I know it isn't great but it looks quite a bit better than it did at its worst and the few corals that are there seem to be doing well. 2017-03-21_05-56-12 by Jeff Stanley, on Flickr Here is the future water change station. I have a panworld 50PX that needs to be plumbed in and I can start using it. The hope is that if I can make water changes simpler that I will do them more often! 2017-03-21_08-02-03 by Jeff Stanley, on Flickr
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    Bluethroat or Sargassum Trigger?

    I've had 3 blue jaws and none have ever gone after cuc
  15. Jstan84

    LF 40b

    I have a drilled 40 breeder you can have in Slidell, has some scratches, drilled in bottom with overflow.
  16. Looking to sell my Bubble Magus 3 channel dosing pump setup. Comes with doser, mounting rack, 3 dosing containers, 3 1 gallon brs containers, and 2 nearly full containers of brs calcium and alk suppliments, and a hang on tubing holder. everything is in great shape. everything you need to get started (minus mag supplement) $200 Cat not for sale. she whines too much anyways.
  17. I have no intention to set my nano tank back up so here it is pieced out, along with a few other things I have laying around: IM Nuvo 8 Tank with small acrylic stand, Spinstream, upgraded return pump, Intank media basket, and glass protein skimmer (skimmer needs a replacement piece) - Everything in good shape, 1 small scratch on one of the corners of the tank, not noticable, - $60 36" 4 Bulb T5 w/ individual reflectors, cant remember brand for sure but think it is a coralife, not very pretty, no splash guard part of the casing is crack but can be fixed with some epoxy. comes with 1 blue plus 1 coral plus 1 purple plus and 1 aquablue special, as well as working cooling fan and moonlights. - $50 Tunze nano ATO (float switch type) with tunze pump - $40
  18. Jstan84

    Grill masters ... I need your help

    Indirect with the plate setter, I never cooking anything that is going to take more than 15-20 minutes over direct heat.
  19. Jstan84

    Grill masters ... I need your help

    Last year I did a spatchcock turkey and was some of the best turkey I have ever eaten. I went back and forth on brining it, but it ended up not brining just because I ran out of time. You can use whatever non-sugar based rub you like. Cajun seasoning or any of the dizzy pig rubs, or even a homeade rub will work well. I cooked it at 375, but don't remember how long or to what temp, a quick look on the BGE forums will tell you though. I always use pecan for wood because I get it for free. I agree with JT for the most part with wood you wont tell much difference from one to the other, unless you are using something like mesquite. Here it was on the grill. Juiciest turkey I have ever eaten. IMO no reason to do a bird low and slow. This bird definitely took less than 2 hours. If you are cooking on a large BGE and want to go this route, DO NOT buy a huge turkey. This was one of the smallest turkeys I could find I wanna say it was like 12 or 13 pounds.
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    Whole House Water Filter

    Either of the systems would be suitable for your house water, but neither would be suitable for aquarium use. The only financially viable solution for quality water for aquarium use is an RO/DI unit.
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    Your first plunge into SALT?

    Mine was also in the late nineties, but I was a lot younger! A friend down the street set up a 30 gallon tank, complete with crushed coral, UG filter, dead coral decorations, and the marvel of engineering we all know and love as the skilter. He only had a standard T8 tube and some damsels in there, but I was enamored. I convinced my parents to buy me a 55 gallon setup for my 13th birthday, which was also complete with crushed coral, UG filter, hagen powerheads hooked up to the UG, and my own lovely skilter. I actually had a clarkii clown in that tank that would host condylactus nems. Shortly after setting up that tank I was introduced to aquatic specialties which put me on a much better path in the hobby. I soon upgraded to VHO lights and a knop HOB skimmer.
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    So Many Reefkeepers on the Roads!

    On an unrelated but similar topic. I recently bought my wife a vinyl cutting machine so she can monogram crap to her hearts desire. I think I am gonna put big yeti stickers on my igloo ice chests and see if I can raise their value by about 1000%
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    Canon 180mm Macro Lens FS - $750

    Also has much sharper glass than the standard 100mm macro, comparable to the 100mm L macro. When doing 1:1 macro photography, you will be further away from the subject with the 180mm which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you are shooting (really good if you are shooting creatures that are easily spooked by you being close).
  24. Jstan84

    Whole House Water Filter

    That will not provide sufficient quality water for your tank IMO. You should still look at getting a RO/DI for tank water. BRS makes a nice affordable unit, buckeye and air water ice are very nice as well. After reading more, this system may actually be very bad for your tanks. The Rhino filter is a copper-zinc media filter and I am sure that will leach trace amounts of copper that could have disasterous effects for your aquarium.