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  1. Kcinnick

    Fish for sale

    All fish listed are eating frozen mysis, brine shrimp or both. Can meet in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. If you have any questions or would like pictures or video of any fish just let me know. If you want something I don't have, let me know! All prices include taxes. Coral Beauty Angels - Small but great colors - $25 Powder Blue Tangs - Medium $75 Powder Brown Tangs - Medium/Large $55 Blond Naso Tang - Medium Juvenile coloration $90 Hippo Tang - Medium - $90 Yellow Belly Hippo Tang juvenile - Small $90 One Spot Yellow Foxface - Small/medium - $45 Bella Sleeper Goby - Large $90 Yellow Watchmen Goby - Medium $20 Hi Fin Banded Goby - $15 Red Spotted Algae Blenny - XLarge - $35 Gold Midas Blenny - Medium/Large - $50 Canary Blenny- Large - $20 Divided Leopard Wrasse Female - Medium - $55 Pajama Cardinals - $13 Ocellaris Clownfish - Medium - $24 Wild caught Diamond watchman Goby- Small/medium - $27 Arc Eye Hawkfish - Large - $39 Yellow Masked Tang - Medium/Large - $90 Desjardininii Sailfin Tang Adult coloration - Medium - $75 Desjardininii Sailfin Tang Adult coloration- Medium/Large $100 Orange Spot Rabbitfish - Medium/Large - $70 Cleaner Shrimp - Small - $24 Fire Shrimp - Large - $39
  2. Ocean Revive Artic T247 B for sale $175 each tax and/or shipping included. Comes with hanging kit and take mount brackets. Comes with 1 year warranty
  3. Try the ace hardware cabinet and trim paint. It's the closest durability to oil you will find.
  4. Kcinnick

    How much flow?

    The eheim impeller cost 1/3 what a new pump cost and will give you 10-15 years more service from your eheim.
  5. Anemones can move on their own... I would let them chill for a week or so, they will move to where they are happy, they may want to be secluded if they just split. Only times I would move an anemone if it is getting close to a powerhead(or other anemone hazard), or are getting to close to a coral you value more than the anemone. Unfortunately they don't always stay where we want them too.
  6. Kcinnick

    Powerhead Study

    I haven't been happy with any of the Tunze products I have purchased, from streams to skimmers. My Koralias on the other hand sure do kick up some nice flow, and only costing $50 makes them the biggest bang for the buck out there. I would love Ecotech, but I am not putting out $1000 for pumps when $150 can get better results, however in not such a slick package. And am I the only one that thinks they look goofy sticking on the side of the tank?
  7. I have a BNIB ocean runner PH2500(well its a 2700 when set up for a skimmer) i found when I was setting up my 120 if you want to make an offer... I obtained it from a mix up with Aquamedic when trying to get a replacement pump for a turbofloater multi.
  8. I don't want that much.... I need pots to dim the meanwells... I want the fuses and resistors so I can run parallel strings.... ( I know some don't like this method) I want terminal blocks to tidy up wiring. I also want some sort of connectors, molex or other brand. Oh, and I'll need a couple project boxes. I bought 70 cool white, 70 royal blue, 14 warm white and 14 blue 3W LEDs on stars. I don't plan to use them all on one project, I want to do my 120, my fuge (probably will turn into a frag tank) and a biocube in LEDs. I also have 6 meanwell 60-48d's and some heatsinks on the way.
  9. Ok, so my LEDs arrived today (Way faster than I thought they would, DHL from China is fast). I am still waiting on my Meanwell drivers and heatsinks from heatsink USA. I still need to get fuses, resistors, pots, and other odds and ends electrical pieces, does anyone know of a place in the Baton Rouge area that has this kind of stuff where I can browse up and down the aisle? I would like to see some of the components before I buy if possible. If there is nothing local, where is the best online store to get this stuff from, with good pictures and descriptions. Thanks, Nick
  10. If you don't have 2 drains, you don't want a valve on your drain.
  11. I put the ball valve on my return behind my tank closer the output. It came in handy when setting dialing in my "herbie", I got it close with the valve on my drain and got it perfect with valve on my return. I was able to watch the water level in my overflow while making adjustments
  12. Oh, I am not dead set on anything, part of my problem(I was pricing out halides last night, just checking current prices). It only makes a $100 difference in price, really a drop in the bucket when you figure what goes into a 120 reef. It just seemed some of the more recent builds I was looking at had them in a parallel. There is an advantage of wiring in a series, I can have two separate fixtures that are more modular.
  13. I think your right about the 700A driver, but the 1750 driver is advertised as running two strings of 8 XM-L's. I have been looking at so many different LED's and Drivers at so many different websites its got me mixing up some stuff. Looks like it is the Mean Well ELN 60-48 is the one that can drive 24 XP-E's parallel. I want to use fuse holders. Any reason to not go with the meanwell driver?
  14. Your right, I screwed up a lot, I should have paid closer attention, too many LED versions out there. I meant 12 XM-L, 24XP-E Blue, and 24 XP-E Royal Blue. Yeah, I meant wired in Parallel, you can get double the LED's on each driver that way, I can wire in a series if it is better, it adds about $120 to the build for 3 more drivers.
  15. I am prepping my order, let me know if I have got everything right. 1 -Inventronics 50w driver - 1750mA 12 - XM-L Natural white wired parallel 2- Inventronics 40w driver - 700mA 12 -XP-G Royal Blue wired parallel 12- XP-G Blue wired Parallel I'll do the layout similar to the one Joshlala laid out on 2 - 18" drilled an tapped heatsinks. Will that driver/LED plan workout? How does wiring less LED's than the driver can handle effect the LED's? Thanks, Nick