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  1. What's the next project?
  2. Looks great brother! Now go into debt and fill that puppy up
  3. eland

    Looking for guidance

    Because he had the profilux already
  4. eland

    Looking for guidance

    The AI's you have do have a controller. Bobby and I bought them about the same time. I would contact AI and they will advise you on what controller to get.
  5. Kirk are you still using this salt mix? Is anyone else using it?
  6. Hurry up and put some water in that tank!
  7. I'm right there with you guys. I still have my tanks and livestock but either I need to downsize or get off of my butt and make everything new again
  8. eland

    65g tank

    I wasn't going to say anything but $300. is more than fair. Is the stand included?
  9. You could always put a couple of Tangs in there
  10. I loved the pictures! I wish I would have gone to the show. It probably would have lit a fire under my butt to get me more involved with my tanks again.
  11. Reeflo! I have 3 ( 2 dart golds and a Hammerhead ) running now and wouldn't go back to the Japanese Iwaki. Been there done that.
  12. I just changed my gold dart pump on my skimmer with my last backup that I had on my shelf. I have 3 that I need to send in for the rejuvenation program. I will always use Reeflo because the service is unbeatable.