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  1. 1st baby/pending move = EVERYTHING for sale.

    Nice meeting you Trey !! Can't wait for the tang to be in my 300 [emoji6] .
  2. 1st baby/pending move = EVERYTHING for sale.

    Nice meeting you today man , can't wait to add the tang to the 300 !! .
  3. Clown tang

    What's crazy is I have a buddy with the sane tank and he has a 10"+ sohal tang that has been doing fine for years !! My clown tang is only about 3" .
  4. Clown tang

    @humblefish .
  5. Clown tang

    I also have to hydors in the back facing forward and upward .
  6. Clown tang

    And yes 300 dd .
  7. Clown tang

    60s .
  8. Clown tang

    This is his tank .
  9. Clown tang

    He's been in the 300 for at least 9 months with no trouble .
  10. Clown tang

    He's in a 300 gallon tank with plenty of flow and O2 levels that's what I don't get .
  11. Clown tang

    Noticed my clown tang is getting skinny but is still eating a little !! Don't see any stringy poop to point out signs of internal worms ! Can someone help me out please ? .
  12. lf chaeto in lafayette

    Yeap sounds good bro !! This weekend one day should work for me if it's good with you lol .
  13. lf chaeto in lafayette

    I can hook you up bro .
  14. Birdsnest frags

    Looking for frags in the lafayette, broussard area .
  15. Where are you located? .