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  1. via aqua 1300 pump-15 maxijet 1200-20 text sent.
  2. Hello all. We are doing great. We got out of the hobby for a little while, taking care of family matters and things like that, but we are now ready to get back in the saddle again, full speed ahead. Right now we have a 55 set up and cycled, and are cycling the 135 to be a FOWLR for a preditor tank (lionfish, triggers, and that kinda thing). Soon I will be setting up a 40 g breeder for Shanna, as she wants clownfish.
  3. Wow, that looks great. I'd like to get some of those. I had them a few years back, and it did really well. I lost it in a move. Guess it was home sick.
  4. I am interested in the 55 long. Do you have pictures? For $100.00, it's the 55 long tank and stand only?
  5. Lions will eat anything they can fit in their mouth. (Fish, shrimp, crabs, etc.) The only safe tank mates, are ones that are too big to be eaten whole.
  6. I'd also like to add: ATL Strawberry Patch $20 ORA Tricolor Valida Acro $15 Alabama Blue Tort $20 (4) Tubs Blue Zoanthids $5pp ($20)
  7. I would like to buy: Andy's Grape Kool Aid Acro $10 Purple with light blue polyps Cap $10 ORA Cali Tort $25
  8. I think the easiest way would be to put a strong powerhead flow right on to it. After a while, the nem will let go to float to calmer water.
  9. I'll take one of each, please. I should be in that area on Sunday, if that is a good day to pick them up Let me know, Jeff
  10. If you still have them, I'll take: Tri Color Acro $15 Red Planet Acro $20