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  1. Not really but send me pics just in case. I spent a TON at Macna. Having to lick my wounds at the moment. Lol
  2. Going to be asking 1200 for the 2 gen 3 pros...
  3. I'll be parting with my radion gen 3 pros very soon... upgrading to a 6'x6' tank and there's no way I'll put that much in lighting that thing... Been in service since February...
  4. Time for kent tech m... I did that battle for a while...Kent tech m did the trick and quickly killed it.
  5. And so the base is built. Pond armor will be applied in the next couple days.
  6. Oh I know that wasn't you and wasn't implying that. Oh well.... so here's the thing about the safety.... Pressure on the glass is determined by the height. I think we've established that. Ignoring braces for the moment.... If I build this the same height as the 125g and structure was the same, the pressure on the glass would be no more than the 125g....even though I have 500g in it. The stand I'll be building will be the same design as I already have on the 135g but on a larger scale. There will be ample amount of stand under the tank to support the weight. I'll make sure of that. Stand will be overbuilt for sure. So lets get back to the braces... Given the face that the 125g's had 2 braces and at 23.5" tall, it's essentially splitting the 72" pane into 3 sections (or as I've read). If I put that in with the dimensions of the 125g....then I get a safety factor of 3.5. Aqueon must think that is an acceptable safety factor. Now.....if I take the 6'x6' and only fill it to 18", I get a safety factor of 3.9. This means the eurobraced 6'x6' with only 18" of water is actually safer then the aqueon 72"x18"x23.5".... Now, this is what the math just tells me... Craftsmanship and real world might tell me different. I am going forward with the build. The plan will be 18"-19" height on water max. Might look a bit funny not filled all the way, but if I do it right...might actually look right with exposed rock and lagoon areas. I am going to eurobrace the top with 3"-4" x 3/8" glass and then trim it with 1.5" angle iron.... The bottom will be supported on a 1.5" base (of course on top of a solid stand), then surrounded by 1.5" wood (just like the king of diy's build). I highly doubt there will be any flex of the top and bottom of the glass...and the middle shouldn't have any more pressure than the stock aqueon has.... Thoughts?
  7. Is it braced or just around the perimeter? I'm thinking if doing the angle iron thing just to have a fudge factor.
  8. Oh no offense to that at all. Rimless is a different story on glass thickness. For true rimless you have to overbuild. For a euro braced or metal trimmed tank, glass can be thinner since it has support holding the glass. Obviously aqueon thinks a 6' sheet will hold if braced properly. I'm thinking I'll brace the inside with euro braces and the outside with angle iron. Doing the calcs at 18" gives me a safety factor of 4.5 which is more than companies put in the tanks these days. There's a diff between figuring if it'll hold or "can I afford to fill it". Oh well, people are entitled to their opinions. I could have ordered this tank, but cost would have been way north of 5k. I figure after it's all said and done, I'll have 1300 in the tank for the test. I'm convinced it'll hold 18-19" without worry.
  9. Doubtful the glass could be cut...without taking risk of breaking a pane. I think I have a plan if it doesn't look good underfilled. If you look at the king of diy's build, he has it half full and it looks good...
  10. I'm a starting business.... Yea, I could afford to have it built, but why if I could save doing it myself. I've done the math and the calcs and they say it should hold. Just because you get a tank professionally built, doesn't mean it'll hold either. I can afford to stock the thing... take a look at how full my 135 is right now. I started with essentially nothing and now I have 0 room. This is an experiment for me yes, but I think it'll work out. If not, well, I tried...
  11. Well I went on Garf and used the calc there. The build list shows 2" euro brace for 23" height. I think I'm revising the plan slightly. Since height determines pressure, I think I'll only fill to 19" or 20" and leave 3" unfilled. It'll bring my total gallons down a bit and the safety factor should go up a good bit. Thoughts?
  12. Yea, I've posted on there and r2r for advice. I'm going to build it outside and let it sit for a while to see what happens. Worse thing that can happen is it goes bust outside. I get into thinking that the pressure would be more, but not sure since the "middle" area would be supported by the sides. I suck at calculating all this out. Looking at glass thickness calculators, I get a safety factor of around 2.4 with no braces... I don't know. On the fence if this will actually work or not. I could always go shallower with the water and not fill it up totally. Say to 20" instead of 24" Could use crown molding or something as a pretty frame or something.
  13. Yea, using the 4 6' x 23.5" panels as the four sides.
  14. Yea, I've been looking and haven't really found an answer. I'm guessing 4" should work, but really just guessing.
  15. Yea, that's what I was thinking. Question is though.... The tanks had 2 center braces. I'd like to not brace the centers in the 6x6... What size eurobrace would be sufficient?