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  2. Thanks. My 2 frags are doing great. And my shrimp are loving it.
  3. Great news!!! I been thinking about those anemones all day.
  4. Thanks PM me your address and I'll get it shipped as soon as I can. Thanks
  5. I am toying with the idea of setting up a website to sell/ship anemones and I need a few guinea pigs. The first 3 people to post on this thread that they are interested, I will mail a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone to them for free. All I ask for in return is for you to send/post some pics of the anemone when it arrives, once it is acclimated and once it opens up.
  6. I'll take it off your hands. I dont have any of the corals you listed but I have any size RBTA or leather you want.
  7. Will you ship me the MP10 and both Algae Free floats for $150
  8. It was nice meeting you yesterday. Don't forget to send/post pics. My kids said they cant wait to see the anemones in their new home.
  9. I don't get over there too often. Usually just to go to the Zoo or Aquarium. I'll try to remember to let you know the next time I'm coming over.
  10. I added 5 green chromis about 5 months ago. I was down to 1 within a week. It grew rapidly for the next 2 months then out of nowhere a small green chromis showed up, hung around for a couple of weeks then disappeared again for months. It just showed up again the other day still as small as the day I got them.