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  1. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    Lets get a few more pics in before the end of the month yall.
  2. POTM August 2017 Winner

    Hahahaha, Touche' Greg
  3. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    Nice posts you guys, keep em coming.
  4. Well here it is, the submissions for October. Anything that swims in fair game. Reef related of course! Lets get it going!
  5. POTM September 2017 Poll

    WooHoo here it is yall. Time to vote for Septembers POTM. As always the name above the pic is the owner. Lets get to votin' and pick a new winner. Datboyhieu Coral Cove Nola Dbraun15 6lilfishies Dylan29 Jreef Lars Mrmaytagg Redclown Stoned
  6. POTM August 2017 Winner

    That is a really awesome edit in deed, almost could be mistaken for a painting and would look sweet under black light.
  7. POTM August 2017 Winner

    Firstly, My apologies my man. I thought for sure I'd announced the winner. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for MockandRoll on his most liked picture for the month of AUGUST!!! Great shot fella!
  8. Good stuff yall. Keep em coming.
  9. Cmon guys n gals lets get more pics of squishy things in here! Lets do this! I apologize for not posting myself as I do not have a tank setup at the moment. Its coming soon though.
  10. POTM August 2017 Poll

    Me too Greg. This will definitely be a mainstay for the contest going forward. Maybe even more than once a year if people really like it. Seems we have some participation this month too! Great stuff!
  11. Well here it is yall! Lets get to posting pics of those soft corals or anemones. As long as its squishy it can be entered. Please only one picture per entrant. Thanks! Woo Hoo!
  12. POTM August 2017 Poll

    Alright so here it is, a few days late and Im sorry about that. I had surgery to remove skin cancer from my neck Friday so I've been a little delayed this weekend. Vote it up and pick the winner! As always the photo belongs to the name above it. Bill H Bob Loblaw Comet Forresty Grey Ghost MockandRoll Saltyfish808
  13. POTM submission August 2107 (Obviously Altered)

    I agree Kirk. Tough contest this month. BTW, It's gonna end soon yall!
  14. POTM submission August 2107 (Obviously Altered)

    5 days with no submissions. Dooo eeeet! Get those pics in here yall.
  15. POTM submission August 2107 (Obviously Altered)

    OOOHHH, this is gonna be tough. Still plenty of time left to get a picture in the contest! Loving the participation yall.