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  1. January 2018 POTM submission (Full tank shots)

    Nice shot man! I see lots of things I'd like to have.
  2. Well here ya go reefy people! Lets get those submissions in for the new year. The subject this time is full tank shots so bust out those good ones and lets see em!!
  3. POTM December 2017 Poll

    Vote for your most favorite!! As always the name is above the photo. brianreeffanatic197 datboyhieu dylan29 mrmaytagg phatboy
  4. POTM November 2017 Winner

    Congrats to LARS for winning the November POTM contest. I apologize for being so late with this. Life is always very busy. Thanks for your patience everyone, especially Lars!
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, lets get those last minute photos in for the end of the year.
  6. POTM November 2017 Poll

    Looks like we have a shootout guys. Get those votes in!
  7. Dude, thats a clear shot!!! NICE!
  8. Here we go yall. I figured since this is the last POTM contest of 2017 we would get the most participation with the category (Anything goes). It had a nice reception last time so off we go.
  9. POTM November 2017 Poll

    Vote for your favority fav. As always the name above the photo owns it. 2fish4u Checkitout Lars Patncori RedStickReefer Smtwinn Stoned
  10. All right!!! Got a couple more submissions in! Lets get it done. Thread closes tomorrow morning.
  11. POTM October 2017 Winner

    Admin... oh admin... someone get this man a badge!
  12. Ok guys, tomorrow is IT. The last day for submission. If anyone wants to get in last minute now is ya chance!! !
  13. POTM October 2017 Winner

    Lets all give a big ole BRK CONGRATULATIONS to Lars for winning the October POTM contest! Nice shot my dude! Set it as my background!
  14. Diy chaeto reactor

    Updates on this?
  15. Hey guys. Looking to downsize my setup. Id like to trade my 75g drilled tank, stand, and canopy for a NON - drilled 40 breeder plus $100. The tank could use a reseal, but the stand and canopy alone are worth what Im asking. The stand can hold any tank with a 48x24 footprint. Its held a 125 just fine, its built like a brick... um... house. Yeah! I no longer have a truck so you'll have to come get it. Or, you could buy it all for $250. Please text me at 985-750-727eight