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  1. Here we have the submission thread for Novembers POTM. Post up those amazing fuzzy sticks (SPS for the new reefers, or small polyp stony corals). This should be goooooooooooooood!!!
  2. Diy chaeto reactor

    Updates on this?
  3. Hey guys. Looking to downsize my setup. Id like to trade my 75g drilled tank, stand, and canopy for a NON - drilled 40 breeder plus $100. The tank could use a reseal, but the stand and canopy alone are worth what Im asking. The stand can hold any tank with a 48x24 footprint. Its held a 125 just fine, its built like a brick... um... house. Yeah! I no longer have a truck so you'll have to come get it. Or, you could buy it all for $250. Please text me at 985-750-727eight
  4. Nice, now we are getting some momentum! Go go go.
  5. Cmon yall we have to get more than two entries. Yeah we will let the gorgonian slide since technically it falls into the fuzzy stick category, or maybe its more like a fuzzy limp noodle. lol
  6. Gotta be some more of yall out there with fuzzy sticks.
  7. Alright we have a contestant. Post those pics yall. I cant post as I dont have a tank up right now. lol
  8. POTM October 2017 Poll

    We have a tie going. Get those votes in yall!
  9. POTM October 2017 Poll

    As always the name is above the photo. Not many submissions this month, but some good ones! Vote it up yo! 110Reef dylan29 lars stoned
  10. POTM October 2017 Poll

    Awesome yall! Get those votes in. @Lars is leading the way at the moment.
  11. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    Only one more day for submissions. Get them in here so we can do this thing!!!
  12. Well here it is, the submissions for October. Anything that swims in fair game. Reef related of course! Lets get it going!
  13. POTM September 2017 Winner

    I love it when people win using cell phone cameras. There's no excuse to upload a pic anymore! Ive contacted the admin about getting your badge on.
  14. POTM September 2017 Winner

    CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Dylan29 for winning the September POTM contest. Well done man. This is an epic shot of a healthy BTA. I apologize for being super duper late bro! I promise Ill do better.
  15. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    I made the thread after you reminded me...shhhhh.
  16. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    Well yeah, didn't you see the thread...
  17. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    Lets get a few more pics in before the end of the month yall.
  18. POTM August 2017 Winner

    Hahahaha, Touche' Greg
  19. POTM August 2017 Winner

    Firstly, My apologies my man. I thought for sure I'd announced the winner. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for MockandRoll on his most liked picture for the month of AUGUST!!! Great shot fella!
  20. October POTM submission thread (Swimmy Things)

    Nice posts you guys, keep em coming.
  21. POTM September 2017 Poll

    WooHoo here it is yall. Time to vote for Septembers POTM. As always the name above the pic is the owner. Lets get to votin' and pick a new winner. Datboyhieu Coral Cove Nola Dbraun15 6lilfishies Dylan29 Jreef Lars Mrmaytagg Redclown Stoned
  22. POTM August 2017 Winner

    That is a really awesome edit in deed, almost could be mistaken for a painting and would look sweet under black light.
  23. Well here it is yall! Lets get to posting pics of those soft corals or anemones. As long as its squishy it can be entered. Please only one picture per entrant. Thanks! Woo Hoo!
  24. Good stuff yall. Keep em coming.
  25. Cmon guys n gals lets get more pics of squishy things in here! Lets do this! I apologize for not posting myself as I do not have a tank setup at the moment. Its coming soon though.