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  1. So, do you still have these?
  2. Also, it has two overflows. Each located in back corners.
  3. The sump is a standard 75 gallon aquarium that I added baffles to. Fuge on left. Return in middle. Skimmer on right. Here are some pics inside the stand. Note: I have not finished removing my equipment yet hence the clutter.
  4. Note: You will need new bulkheads, standpipes, and returns plumbing
  5. I opened my sump shipment tonight! This Crystal Reef Aquatics sump is beautiful and has so many built in features. Probe holders, dosing line holders, heater holders, media tray that's swappable with filter socks holder. Both options included. Adjustable baffle for skimmer chamber, bulkheads for drain lines from tank into sump. And the packaging was too notch too!
  6. Priced to move quickly: $750 takes all No negotiations as it's priced VERY well Recent picture when breaking it down. No livestock or rock. 75 gallon sump, oceanrunner return pump, and auto topoff kit all included Note: You will need new bulkheads, standpipes, and returns plumbing
  7. My sump and ATO container are both almost ready to be shipped out to me! A few pics from the builder: