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  1. Back off! It's finally my turn again for a build!
  2. Tagging along! I love the taping off the spot on the floor. I do that too! Currently have a spot on floor now with tape. @ericd000 saw it yesterday. 🤣
  3. The mini fridge became a full size commercial fridge? Loving this thread! When can we all come and take a tour. What's fire Marshall capacity on the shack?
  4. Here are a few for you. Unlike typical LED fixtures, these are not chock full of diodes. ATI's claim with the older powermodule fixtures was that the silver coated reflectors intensified the T5 lighting. The same logic applied here. The diodes are in small recessed silver coated reflectors. So far I am impressed. Each fixture is 580 watts total. Here are some pics. Including one of how my 250 looks with just one fixture. 52" x 14" fixture over a 60" x 36" tank.
  5. Wow, it has been a long time since I have done a tank build! In fact, the last one was in 2009! But now is the time! I will use this thread to track progress of the build. Here's what i have in the works so far: Custom 72" x 48" x 24" 360 Gallon Peninsula Aquarium. The tank will be built by Reef Aquaria Design out of Fort Lauderdale. More info to come soon on this beauty! Custom stand built by Brandon May of B's Woodworking (aka our club president salyfish808)! Two ATI Sirus x8 LED fixtures. Not to be confused with the T5/LED hybrids. I have these already and have them running over my existing tanks for now. Absolutely loving them so far. Crystal Reef Aquatics Stealth SRS60 Sump. This is a 60" x 22" x 16" sump and is being built for me within the next couple of weeks. Vertex Alpha 250 protein skimmer. I have been running this on my 250 for years and it's a beast. I am hopeful it will be sufficient for this tank. It's rated for 200 to 450 gallon tanks. Geos Reef CR612X2 dual chamber calcium reactor. This will suffice for the short-term, but I will have to see how it works out long term as it's only rated for up to 300 gallons. It's been in service on my current tank for a couple of years. Two Vortech MP60 quiet drive pumps and two Vortech MP40 quiet drive pumps. These pumps are currently in use on my existing tanks. Reef Octopus VarioS-8 DC controllable pump. Soon to be ordered. Very well reviewed pump, looking forward to it. Neptune Apex Controller system with two energy bars. Have been using this for a couple of years to control both of my tanks. One thing I really like with this is I have a small tablet affixed to side of stand that allows me a quick glance at everything and easy controls access. More to come soon!
  6. Sir, how did you end up in Facebook jail? "I tried to sell a fish"
  7. But where do you hang the towel? This thread is incredible, so many pictures of the build!!!
  8. Yep, you still know how to do this!
  9. I really miss the build aspect of the hobby. It's one of the most enjoyable stages. Looking good!
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