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  1. Finally made it here from LARC

    Mike, I was so happy when you let me know a while back that your son had pulled through it all. Back then I had no real idea what it was like to be a father. As one now, of a four year old, it is even more special to know that your son beat cancer. As for the tank. Same drill as before. Come on by and get some corals any time. Just let me know!
  2. Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon Drilled w/ Sump

    What a great build and it's paying off too with the livestock!
  3. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    I'm in!
  4. POTM August 2017 Winner

    That's why I say hey man, nice badge. What a good badge, man.
  5. Tapatalk and site problem

    Anyone else having Tapatalk issues? Unfortunately they offer no support on this.
  6. This film is dedicated to all local fish stores. I recommend watching it through the end. It's entertaining and also gives you plenty of insight into LFS.
  7. Hanging an ATI sunpower

    It's getting like the Sixth Sense around here all of a sudden. Do y'all see him too?
  8. POTM August 2017 Poll

    LOVE this one this month!
  9. 120 build thread.

    This thread is most excellent!
  10. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    Sounds like a great time. Thanks for setting this up Brandon!
  11. Parade of Tanks

    Don't forget that Kirk said he would in his new home.
  12. FTS

    You've always had a knack for the hobby!
  13. Volunteer for MACNA - Sign Up Here!

    We will be in touch very soon in regards to it.
  14. Coral request for MACNA

    The app is the best bet.
  15. Volunteer for MACNA - Sign Up Here!

    For volunteers?