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  1. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    My Goodness!!!
  2. Fragniappe 2018

    Up to 23 now!
  3. Fragniappe 2018

    Filling in a little more... It will be full soon enough.
  4. Fragniappe 2018

    That's always the case in the months before the show. The floor plan will be filled in as the show gets closer and likely more booths will be added.
  5. Fragniappe 2018

    The forum won't die if people actively post.
  6. Fragniappe 2018
  7. Fragniappe 2018

    We had less than twenty vendors the first year and there will be around thirty this year. As for the forum, it's a sign of the times. There's 1,200 people on our Facebook group now happily posting away there. I wish the forum was the same, but we resisted for too long and had to shift with the changing user base.
  8. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Review your notification settings.
  9. Sexy Talk

    That's code for "Get your shyt out of my way and put it in the bleeping shed OUTSIDE!"
  10. "I'm back"

    Enough about you, now tell us about the new tank.
  11. Finally made it here from LARC

    Mike, I was so happy when you let me know a while back that your son had pulled through it all. Back then I had no real idea what it was like to be a father. As one now, of a four year old, it is even more special to know that your son beat cancer. As for the tank. Same drill as before. Come on by and get some corals any time. Just let me know!
  12. Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon Drilled w/ Sump

    What a great build and it's paying off too with the livestock!
  13. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    I'm in!
  14. POTM August 2017 Winner

    That's why I say hey man, nice badge. What a good badge, man.
  15. Tapatalk and site problem

    Anyone else having Tapatalk issues? Unfortunately they offer no support on this.