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  1. It's a reef tank, not a boat.
  2. You've always had a real talent for the layout in your tanks. And for selecting livestock too. Looking great.
  3. Now this looks intriguing! Wish i could fast forward to quickly see how it turns out!
  4. Thanks fellas. I have confirmed it is attached to the large removable rock. Good thing is it's pretty much a completely flat rock. Now I guess I'll need to find someone who wants it....
  5. I have had that flame angel more than ten years now. It doesn't nip at corals. The two sps corals in the picture are practically fluffy with all the FPE they have!
  6. I hadn't even thought about money. If I knew someone wanted it though then I would trade for sps frags. Note: It's larger than a dinner plate in diameter. Emphasis on EXTRA large.
  7. This went from fun to daunting. Let me know when you need help.
  8. You had better! I enjoy reading your postings on here!
  9. Hard to keep up with topoff water even for a smaller tank?
  10. I have an extra large RBTA I need to remove form my tank. I *think* it's attached to the underside of a large removable rock. What's the best way to get it to detach for removal? @Bob Loblaw you need it right?
  11. You're welcome! The lyrics are so appropriate!
  12. Ahhhh... Patience... You have done well to master this art, grasshoppa!
  13. I think it's going to be beautiful. They actually get to decorate this one too and put their touch on it. Any of you ever see their Nola house flips? I'm hoping their new store will echo some of that work!
  14. Looks like he needs to frag everything doesn't it?
  15. Agreed! @Jessy?