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  1. My sump and ATO container are both almost ready to be shipped out to me! A few pics from the builder:
  2. That is my concern too. Supposedly no issue, but rather err on side of caution. I have not decided yet, but will let you know once I do.
  3. I will have a couple battery backups too. For a couple pumps and lights so there is no flicker during any transition from Entergy grid to house generator.
  4. Can you get a permanent live feed setup for us in there?
  5. One other aspect of the build that is also in progress:
  6. Tank builder is around a week out before the receive the glass for the tank. Meanwhile, my sump is just about done. Has some routing work left on it. It should ship out along with my matching ATO container by the end of the week.
  7. One of the things people noticed most was an apparent 3" of dead space with a 21" tall overflow box and a 24" tall tank. Keep in mind the total height of tank is 24". That includes the 1/2" bottom and the 1" of laminated top bracing. Leaving an inch and a half between the top of overflow and bracing. For my returns, I will be running thos over the top/end. Here's the final plans. Had the overflow size changed up a bit to make it easier to get in for maintenance and plumbing. Since it's directly under bracing. One other aspect is to drill the holes a little more than 2" from edge per request of stand builder. Also, the pvc cover for overflow is now shown. That will cover the whole overflow and have a fish guard at top preventing any from getting in.
  8. It's safe to say what you ended up with is something to be proud of.
  9. Here's a closeup of that. Notice the inside is a triangular shaped piece to not only protect but avoid a true 90 degree corner. Supposedly helps with flow when water hits the corner.
  10. Yes, mainly over the silicone seams as protection. It's 1/8" starphire strips.
  11. This is the first draft of my build. Time for a bit of back and forth to perfect.
  12. Yes! Putting down tank deposit on Monday.
  13. Back off! It's finally my turn again for a build!
  14. Tagging along! I love the taping off the spot on the floor. I do that too! Currently have a spot on floor now with tape. @ericd000 saw it yesterday. 🤣
  15. The mini fridge became a full size commercial fridge? Loving this thread! When can we all come and take a tour. What's fire Marshall capacity on the shack?
  16. Here are a few for you. Unlike typical LED fixtures, these are not chock full of diodes. ATI's claim with the older powermodule fixtures was that the silver coated reflectors intensified the T5 lighting. The same logic applied here. The diodes are in small recessed silver coated reflectors. So far I am impressed. Each fixture is 580 watts total. Here are some pics. Including one of how my 250 looks with just one fixture. 52" x 14" fixture over a 60" x 36" tank.