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  1. time to do taxes

    I had a corporate refund this year and I can't believe that I let my CPA talk me into letting the GOVT hold on to my return in lieu of not paying my quartely estimates for 2012. He said it makes no biggie in paying it back each quarter, or letting them have it to hold it for me. I just like having my $ in MY bank rather than them holding on to it for me. I KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO WATCH IT CLOSE........ LOL
  2. time to do taxes

    It should never be $300 to do a simple 1040 return. I pay more than that for each one of my corporations, but a 1040 EZ should be easy for someone to do by themself. Even the Turbo Tax for the 1040 EZ should be straight forward, especially without any major deductions. If you do long form but don't have major complications, a CPA shouldn't be asking much more than $300 in my opinion. Maybe my price reflects the fact they do all of my book keeping all year long.
  3. Too funny!

    Spot on JT
  4. A few macros from today...

    Nice pics Kirk. I bought a Canon 7D from B&H a few months ago and it's hard to find them open. They have a bunch of holidays. They seem to be very knowledgable and one of the cheapest places. I'm looking into a macro lens now. Not sure which one I'll get though........
  5. Happiest moment of my life...

    "and you're not too bad either" ............................ Does that mean you're not any good??????? Don't get carried away pretty boy. She didn't say you looked good, she simply said you're not TOO bad. You are just somewhat bad......... LOL
  6. iPhone 4S

    MY MY MY, And I was bitting my tongue in that cute pic with you and RP.......... Now I'll go back and make my comments known. LOL BTW, I didn't put that picture up. It just showed up there. How do you guys know what I'm I look like anyway?
  7. What I've been up to...

    Tree hugger........................... LOL What's happening JT
  8. Question about SCUBA

    tebmsu97 I have two sets of diving gear and a pool. Come on over and I'll put the gear on yall. You and your wife can get accustomed to the feeling of diving in the pool. When you go take lessons it'll be much easier. I've been diving for 25 years and finally my whole family got certified last year. That is 12 yr old, 16 yr old, 21 yr old and 25 yr old. If the youngest one could do it, anyone can. He was 11 when he took the class. You will be diving in very shallow water in the Keys and not have any problems surfacing if you run into any issues. Getting used to the gear in a pool helps if you've never put that gear on before. Holler at me if you are interested in doing this.
  9. iPhone 4S

    I bought that bullet for $200.
  10. Yes My Clam is Pink !!

    Must cost a lot of clams to get one of those beauties......... :banana-dreads: Looks really nice btw
  11. Golf?

    I could use a "tweeking" on my swing. That's if you call it a swing. If we have a goof-golf outing, put me down for a 110 score.......
  12. Favorite Fish Family

    Wrasse or tangs Toss up
  13. Happy Birthday JT!

    So you add one candle to your birthday cake and you already need a magnifying glass to see? You are going down hill fast!!!!!! You are gonna catch up with me at this rate. :greetings-wavegreen: Happy Birthday
  14. UCLA Girl...

    You gotta love it.......... he's good.
  15. i got jacked!

    Wal Mart has an internal group of guys that do asset protection in each store. Did you report to Wal Mart yet? The local store can help you big time. They can review every step the employee did while you were checking out. If you only used it at Wal Mart then you have it narrowed down and the local store can help resolve it. They want to find this out because it makes them look bad and they really hate when people talk bad about them!!!! Go ask for one of the store managers and ask for someone from "asset protection".