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  1. cleaning out the tank - lots for sale! Cheap!

    ReefDave - Sorry I didn't see your post until now. For some reason, I am not getting notified when someone posts to this thread. We moved the tank to Central on Saturday. We still have candy cane frags, four plates and devils hand leathers available. I updated the photos in the first post of what we have left.
  2. cleaning out the tank - lots for sale! Cheap!

    I am out of hammers for sale ... pending pickup by those already requested. I still have plenty of spongodi, candy cane, leathers and plates.
  3. cleaning out the tank - lots for sale! Cheap!

    120gal_floatingsharkreef: The tank is still in Walker - do you still want? Can you pickup Saturday? Pasty: they have 2-3" when opened up.
  4. cleaning out the tank - lots for sale! Cheap!

    Update: The tank has is now in Central. We still have plenty of things left to sell b/c I'd like to get everything off the sand. Neon Candy $2/head Hammers $2/head BTAs $35 Plates $10 for a small (2-3"), $20 for medium and $30 for large Spongodi frags $10 each (3"+ frags), leather corals $5 for small (1-2"), $10 for medium (2-3"), xl $45 The Big Picture: ">http:// Spongodi Frag http://http://http://http://http://http://
  5. We are moving our tank today and need to clean out a lot of corals and several BTAs because we have too many and I'll never get it all back in! We'll make greats deals if you can come get it today! We have 3 BTAs, neon candy, hammers, spongodi, green plates and devils hand leathers. As soon as I get home, I'll add pics. Thanks!