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  1. November 18 parade of tanks

    Parade of tranks is 2 days away! Are uou attending?
  2. November 18 parade of tanks

    Parade is next Saturday! We will be starting at Jerry's home at 11am viewing his 150 gallon reef! 11am Jerry's 218 Avery dr, Slidell, LA 1230 Keith's 1093 Claire dr, Slidell, LA 230 Brandon's 21120 lincoln st , AbitaSprings, LA
  3. November 18 parade of tanks

    We are less than 2 weeks away! Don't forget to mark you calenders to check out these great tanks!
  4. So upset right now!

    Jerry, do you think the phosphates had anything to do with the new salt you were using from macna?
  5. November 18 parade of tanks

    Don't forget to mark you calenders to check out these great tanks!
  6. Im going remove almost all coral before the black out. If i change rocks after blackout, i will already have 250-300lbs circulating in the system for a couple months in remote bins plumbed to the sump. If i do that i will probably have a total system volume of about 850-900 gallons. Which will help for die off, but i can continue water changes also.
  7. So now that i have the frag system up and going it time to start addressing my big probelm of eradicating all of the green pocillopora that has spead all over my tank. This project will likely start in January. I will be trying to save the coral i want and keep them in the frag system. I do have plenty of fish i have to worry about during this process. I am still on the fence if i want to replace all the rock in the tank. If i do i will order dry rock , cure it and plumb seperate containers to the tank to start seeding it for the transition. No matter if i do that or not, im pretty sure im going to have to have a black out in the tank long enough to kill the pocillopora off. The pocillopora has speard everywhere, including the back wall of the tank, and even grows from the sand. Im open to ideas and suggestions because although I'm not concerned about losing coral in this process, the fish are my main concern. What do you guys think?
  8. November 18 parade of tanks

    Sorry Jerry, i corrected it!
  9. Kirk, dont let something like this get you out of the hobby. There's no doubt in my mind, a fresh start with a massive tank will revitalize your passion for the hobby. I sure most of us long term reefers here have experienced ups and dows, but something always pulls us back into it. Your tank, like 6lilfishes said, has inspired alot of local reefers. Your new beautiful home will not be complete without your own piece of the reef.
  10. FS Coral Beauty $20 or trade for coral

    Sent pm
  11. We will be having a northshore parade of tanks on November 18. We will make 3 stops along the parade starting in slidell. We will start at the first stop at 11 am and spend about an hour at each location. We look forward to having a good turnout to view these beautiful tanks and as always great reefkeeping discussion with fellow members . Please let us know in this thread if you plan to attend. I will post further details as we get closer to the parade! 11am Jerry's (Lars) 150g,45 frag 1230pm Keith's (Keith) 120g 230pm Brandon's (saltyfish808) 600g
  12. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    Thank you everyone for for coming out today even under our weather conditions! We had a great turn out and lots of great food ! If anyone else has pictures they took please post them!
  13. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    This meet is still going on tomorrow from 12 - 4
  14. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    Frag meet is this weekend! Don't forget to make time from 12-4 on saturday to stop by and join the fun! Can't wait to see everyone there!