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  1. Took some updated tank room shots. Everything is now plumbed together. About 825 gallons of total water volume!
  2. Got some new additions! I imagine I will not see them for a awhile, so this pic will have to do.
  3. Welcome! Looks like you have a beautiful reef going!
  4. Don't forget to mark your calendars!
  5. That should grow the sticks out the top of the water!
  6. The Corals do look happy! The clownfish look like they want to be in the big tank
  7. Welcome back! Can't wait to see it shape up!
  8. This is also a cool setup! I always liked the nano drop off tanks. So you will have 3 tanks set up?
  9. This thing needs some water!
  10. I want the palmers! How big would you say Chevron is?
  11. Added about 60ish lbs of rock today that I have been churning for over a month now. Filled in the back corner to give more hiding for fish! Of course this also gave me more room for sticks higher up in the tank! I know it's hard to see in the picture but I was able to create a large cave under the rock work. I'm pretty stoked from the results.
  12. Beautiful sticks! They will look great in the 180! Also when it grows out, I would like to get a frag of that pink tip!