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  1. I'm in Covington and will give you some
  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪
  3. Trades? I have some mint green zoas that grow like weeds and will spread like wild fire
  4. That thing is fuzzy!
  5. Patience is key, you will have many years to enjoy it!
  6. This meet is coming up in a few weeks! Everyone mark their calendar?
  7. This thing still doesn't have water?
  8. The lights are still very capable of growing coral, I used them on my sps dominate tank. I dont believe you can control these via apex or others, but I am no expert on controllers because I have never run one. I upgraded to have phone control on my new fixtures.
  9. If any are wondering this tank is an sps whisperer
  10. Definitely a sexy tank bro! I need to come see this beast.............with bone cutters! 😀
  11. A water change, cleaned the skimmer, changed my filter floss, cleaned glass, tested new salt and tank water! Fixed coral that my elephant tangs knocked over.
  12. Tanks going to awesome! Love the minimal scape!
  13. Going to be an awesome meet! Did you see what Sean has for door prizes? You will not want to miss this!
  14. saltyfish808

    Grande palys.

    These are awesome! Jerry, I sold my colony but kept one polyp!