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  1. Did you reinforce the floor any for the weight?
  2. Dang! I got a shout out in the build thread!
  3. Mmmm looks yummy! Did you wear safety glasses and proper ppe?
  4. Bubble gum digi 35$ Ora spongodes small 20$ Ora spongodes large 30$ Tri color valida large 40$ Highlighter acro 30$
  5. It does, but the forum is a better platform anyway. If you post something it wont be gone in a few days. It is a great place to document build threads and upload pictures that will remain here and can always be searched for.
  6. Chris, this is one of my favorite fish. When I'm in the tank he is always by me and I can pet him most of the time. He has a great personality and is very curious.
  7. Frag swap and meet at Coral Connection, with Knockout Corals! Also, special guest Corals Down South and Coral Cove Nola! George has also expressed that anyone who would like to clear their frag rack, contact him about setting up a small tank to showcase your stuff! Our gracious host George will also be providing food (Brandon's jambalaya and gumbo)for the event!
  8. Got the new Illumagic lights installed! I think I'm liking the upgrade!