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  1. BRK will be hosting a meet at Coral Connection in October! This will be a meet and frag swap. I will be making a big pot of jambalaya, and possibly gumbo. So there will be plenty to eat! Im sure George will have a selection of fish and coral on hand. If you have not been to Coral Connection, they have an awesome 800 gallon display tank to check out! I will have an sps frag pack from my my tank as a door prize and hope to be able to line up a few more! So come, eat , chat, check out an awesome fish tank, and hopefully walk away with a frag pack. Please let us know your coming in this thread so we have a better count for food. Place and time Coral Connection 2637 Delaware Ave. #B Kenner ,LA 70062 October 7, 2017 From 12-4
  2. looking for a few easy sps

    I have some ora spongodes I can give you.
  3. Diy chaeto reactor

    So Jerry, y0u think the light strips where the cause of the cracking? And do you think an inch of space is enough to prevent it?
  4. Ca upgrade

    Jerry, i just did this about 2 months ago with my calcium reactor. Pump just quit on me. It was about 6 years old though.
  5. Ok, it took me a couple weeks, but i went back through and uploaded all the old pictures after the photobucket debacle. I did the best i could in finding all the original pictures. Let me add that photobucket can not be getting many 40$ a month payments for third party hosting and i hope they put a nail in their own coffen with this move.
  6. Diy chaeto reactor

    I found a 300 led 3red 1 blue for 20 on ebay
  7. Diy chaeto reactor

    Ok, maybe not a complete diy, but i have an old bio pellet reactor that i think might work. This would be for my 125 that i use for a frag tank. I was think of wrapping this in red and blue grow led strip. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have been wanting to have a fuge on this tank, but because i have this laying around, i figured it would be at least a good experiment.
  8. I want one

    That skimmmer looks like a beast! I would like to see its collection after 24 hours reef tank.
  9. My reef tank

  10. 75 gallons reef

    That is a beautiful reef! How long has it been up and running?
  11. 100 Gallon Reef Tank

    Tank is looking great! Keep up the good work and dont be afraid of asking questions here. There are alot of old school reef junkies here that have a wealth of information.
  12. My reef tank

    Hello fellow reef hobbyist, i have been a avid reef keeper for almost 20 years. Starting out doing small freshwater tanks soon lead to the monster tank i have now. My current tank is a 600 gallon custom built plywood box viewable from two sides. I would consider it a sps dominant mixed reef. It has its own room in the house, partially because we consider it to be a part of the family. My door is always open to fellow members to come view it if you would like!
  13. Parade of Tanks

    This thread has almost 100 views. Out of everone that has seen this , not one of you wants to show off your piece of the reef?
  14. Chasing Corals - Netflix

    I watched this last night. It was definitely hard to watch knowing that it is likely to keep happening. These events need to bring awareness, but like they said , most dont even realize it. A part in the film said that it would be like turning every tree white on the east coast. That in itself makes you look at the enormity of this problem.