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  1. Bayou Reefkeeping meet at Aquatic Sealife

    This event is tomorrow!
  2. Bayou Reefkeeping meet at Aquatic Sealife

    The meet is just a couple weeks away, let us know if you are attending on here or on fb event page!
  3. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    The 300 has water!
  4. Come join us for free food and fun at Aquatic Sealife on Saturday, August 11th from 11 to 3. Come chat with fellow members and check out the awesome livestock Aquatic Sealife has to offer!
  5. BRK annual FREE crawfish boil!

    Crawfish boil is tomorrow! We will also have jambalaya for those who do not eat crawfish. Stop by and check out Corals Down South to pick up some coral for your reef! Come and chat with fellow club members and view my 600 gallon tank and tank room! Going to be a good time you will not want to miss! See you tomorrow!
  6. BRK annual FREE crawfish boil!

    Don't forget Saturday is the crawfish boil! Looking forward to it!
  7. Finally got some coral back in the tank!
  8. Come join us for the BRK annual FREE crawfish boil! The event will be on Saturday June 9th, from 11-3 at my home located at... 21120 Lincoln st. Abita Springs, LA 70420 Corals Down South will be on site with a tank setup to sell frags! Please rsvp here or on facebook! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  9. Mistakes in Reefing

    Green pocillopora.
  10. An update on my tank. Yesterday made 4 weeks with no direct light above the tank. The room have some ambient light which is keeping my fish happy. I have the salinity lowered to 1.016, Which is keeping the alk at 6, calcium at 280 and magnesium at 800. I am finally starting to see the pocillopora slowly dying off! This is a patience game and I am not going to force it back, just to have this dirt weed of an sps come back again. On a side note, the rock work and sand look fantastic!
  11. They all get along fine. I feed them daily and they have plenty of swimming room.
  12. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Can not wait to see this one packed with sticks!
  13. All my corals seem to be doing great! My blues run 10 to 10 at 70% , and my whites run at 40% 1 to 7. For the price, i think they are a good buy.
  14. Still have some....... Going to nuke whats left with alk and a blackout this week! Removed 98% of coral to eliminate the die off affecting the water quality to much.
  15. So i dove into gutting the coral and reworking the rock work in the 600 today. Still a bunch of work to do, but i feel great about the fresh start!