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  1. Southern Reefkeepers will be set up for all your Christmas shopping needs!
  2. Let us know if you will attending!
  3. All Bayou Reefkeeping members are invited! Hosted at the home of Greg Graham, founder of the club. Take a look at his new 360 peninsula aquarium build in progress. Santa will be visiting the party to deliver gifts and visit with the children. Parents are encouraged to secretly bring a wrapped gift for Santa's delivery. Food and drinks will be provided for all!
  4. Will be available at the Brk meet at Aquatics By Nature this Sunday!
  5. I wouldn't say 9-10 alk is high. What is your calcium at? Do you change water frequently?
  6. Hopefully shirts will be available soon! We will have small, medium, large, xl, and 2x. Shirts will be 25$ and will be available at all meets and through Aaron Lewis or myself
  7. Meet is Sunday!!!!!!! Awesome door prizes and Free Food!!!!!!!
  8. Just getting the word out! Bayou Reefkeeping logo t-shirts will be available for sale soon. Will hopefully be available through a few LFS and by contacting me or Aaron Lewis. Will also be available at brk meets!
  9. We are going to need an update on this thing
  10. Meet is right around the corner! Stop by for some FREE food and check out Aquatics by Nature!