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  1. A water change, cleaned the skimmer, changed my filter floss, cleaned glass, tested new salt and tank water! Fixed coral that my elephant tangs knocked over.
  2. Tanks going to awesome! Love the minimal scape!
  3. Going to be an awesome meet! Did you see what Sean has for door prizes? You will not want to miss this!
  4. saltyfish808

    Grande palys.

    These are awesome! Jerry, I sold my colony but kept one polyp!
  5. Dang, nice shack! I need a tank shack!
  6. Beautiful tank! The rock nems certainly add alot of color!
  8. Come join Brk and welcome the northshores new Aquatics store! A big shout out to Ecotech, Nyos, and Coralvue for donating a Nyos torq, Nero 5, an S1, icp test kits and coral glue guns for prizes! Sean will have the store packed with all kinds of corals and goodies! There will be a Surprise sale on goods to be released the day before this meet! Our gracious host will be providing food for this event! You will not want to miss this!
  9. This is a great watch for all hobbyist! It doesn't matter if you done this for 20 years or 2 days!
  10. I imagine it should work. You might have to do opposite of how we run them for reef tanks. Meaning, run more of the white channel than the blue.
  11. Someone's chance to upgrade!
  12. Why are you out of internet? Lacombe isn't that far into the sticks......😏
  13. Thanks to coral connection for letting us crash their shop and to all the vendors that came to make this event a great one. We had a great turn out for sure and hope to see everyone at the next event !
  14. Hows this beast coming along Kirk?
  15. Looking good! It's always fun watching all your hard work grow out into something beautiful!
  16. Awesome lights, could light up a large frag tank
  17. Yeah man, I buy the bulk di 2 bags at a time. I have a double stack ro membrane and it seems to burn through my di quickly. I get 0 tds for about 100 gallons and then I need to change it.
  18. Ever get the ro/di straightened out?