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    Aquariums, Reefs, Music, Music Production, MX and SX racing, anything with a engine, RC Cars/Trucks/Buggies, Sand Rails, Reading about and learning about S.W Reefs/Aquariums!

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  1. tmr11driver

    Evolution 200 watt led FS $200

    Where are you located, Il come pick up asap!!
  2. tmr11driver

    FS: Deltec Turbo Skimmer 1060

    What size aquarium is it rated for? I would be interested in it maybe! Right now i have an older model Reef Oct. xxs or xx something or another, 3000! It might work better?
  3. tmr11driver

    My VW rail

    hey there! Wow this thing brings back some memories for me, thanks! I traded one of my race bikes for the exact one. red,same engine, but a few things here and there were different/ haah, i used to drive it to the mall of louisiana sometimes, about 10m away from home, didnt know if it was street legal or not. hey, it had headlights and tail/brake lights. but for anone who hasnt road in one or owned one....there a freakin blast!!!!!!! especially offroad! about 5 months after having it, and father complaining about the space it took up in our townhouse style home and street, i traded it for 2 shifter karts!!! another adrenaline rush! awesome work man!!!enjoy it!
  4. Hey bud, is the wave box sold?
  5. tmr11driver

    WTS Frogspawn frags

    Sorry guys its mine!!!!! :-) JJ, but Lane has some of the most Gorgeous coral I've ever seen, and a great guy at that, so if I were you I'd definitely go get these!
  6. Its an all day, everyday thing Bud!
  7. tmr11driver

    WTB SPS Frags

    If anyone has had the privilege of meeting Lane, talking to him, and view his Gorgeous 120g Reef Aquarium will know that the Sps corals (not to mention all other corals) he has in his tank are just stunning! I have never seen Sps ( what he calls frags ) so nice in coloring, and that big for sale on any site! If I were you, I'd deffinently try to get a frag or two of these corals from him! Im sure he wouldn't mind trading a few frags of these corals for some exotic types of zoas or plays. But deffinently hit him up, one of the nicest guys I've met in this Hobby :-) !
  8. tmr11driver

    corals for sale

    Hey, still have anything left? Im in p ville so not to far,would love to come n get some from u, thanks
  9. tmr11driver

    Skimmer for sale (Price Drop)

    Hey, do you still have the Skimmer available
  10. tmr11driver

    led dimmable drivers forsale 60$

    Hey, you said you have less also? Been looking everyday trying to find either a DIY set, or just a nice fixture. Please let me know, my budget is around $300.
  11. tmr11driver

    knop calcium reactor hd

    Hey Bud, still have the reactor upmforsale? I think im going to get it from you. Does it Come w everything I need?
  12. tmr11driver

    Lights for sale

    Please let me know if the. MHs somehow don't sell as i will take them.
  13. Hey Guys! I am looking for some type of controller for new Aquarium! I don't know all of the brand names but something such as, the Reef keepers, apex, neptune. I apolgize for not being more up to date with these, but have been loing into purchasing one, and just wanted to check with you all to see if anyone was willing to sell theres! Thank you all,
  14. tmr11driver

    3x PAR 38 20K bulbs $130

    any l.e.ds still available? Sorry if late also! Thanks
  15. tmr11driver

    For Sale MP40w - Used

    Are either of these still available? If so, please let me know so I can come pick them up! Thanks,