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  1. k i'll post one tomorrow
  2. i would like to sell or trade this coral, it requires direct feeding probably once a week and i really don't have the paitience to fool with it..... it has probably 15-20 heads make me an offer or a trade offer, fish or coral
  3. flash4212

    what controller?

    thanks for the welcome guys i do have two hydor korilia 1400 powerheads and may upgrade them later if need be i don't really know the answer as to what i want to be able to control due to my lack of knowledge in the hobby, but i am learning as i go along. thing is i know i need a controller to get the calcium reactor going, so i would like to get one as soon as i can..... but don't want to get the wrong thing. what would you guys suggest that i control with the controller, what probes should i add on to the unit, do i need anything else? lot of questions....lol... thanks for your input
  4. flash4212

    what controller?

    i need a controller i have a 140 DAP reef tank with the following; geo calcium reactor TLF phosphate reactor TLF tower that i will use for carbon reef octopus 150 skimmer 36 gal sump with refrugium AI led lights W/AI controller ATO auto top off dont want to spend a fortune on something i don't need but want something that will work with what i have and be functional, i dont know a lot about the capabilities of controllers and what benifits one would have over another.....thats why i am asking the experts here. i bought the calc reactor from Bobby and he said i should post here and get feedback on what i should buy, i am kind of a noob on technology in reefing, Bobby has been bringing me up to speed, when i can keep up with the conversation......lol