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  1. tech4x4

    Vertex 180i for sale $300

    Guys the skimmer has been sold!
  2. tech4x4

    Vertex 180i for sale $300

    Hi guys sorry for the delay on the photos here they are if anyone is interested.
  3. tech4x4

    Vertex 180i for sale $300

    Like the title says I've got a Vertex 180i gathering dust and it needs a new home! I'm located in Denham Springs for anyone interested I'll try and post pictures tonight. PM for fastest response!
  4. tech4x4

    70gal Tall tank for sale $70 OBO

    may trade for one of the following:a bucket of salt mixgood cleaning magnet (must be able to work on 1/2" glass)48" T5 retro kit let me know what you've got!
  5. tech4x4

    70gal Tall tank for sale $70 OBO

    Hi I have a 70 Tall tank for sale dimensions approx 36x18x25 the tank is a few years old and needs cleaning but has no issues, (was drained 2 days ago so I know its good). Has black trim with clear silicone and center brace along with euro style bracing along the bottom all 3/8" glass. Reef ready with an internal overflow box to the left of center with a 1.5" drain bulkhead and I believe a 3/4" return. asking $70 obo. maybe trade for a box of good salt mix.I'll try and post a pic tonight.Located in Denham Springs PM for fastest response.
  6. tech4x4

    Large Acrylic Tank for Sale 300G $500 OBO

    Pending to tnguy86 after a tough negotiation
  7. Hey guys I've got a large acrylic tank for sale.. needs a little TLC to get back in shape but nothing a good clean and polishing can't fix. Tank is 96x24x30 so approx 300 gallons with overflows built in on both sides. Asking $500 OBO PM for fastest response located in Denham Springs, LA
  8. tech4x4

    Red Sea Max 130 SOLD!!!

    still available?
  9. Hi I have a Velocity T4 pump used for sale.. it was used for about 6 months before my tank sprung a leak and was shut down. It was in storage for some time now I've connected it to my new 70 gallon tank and it's just too much flow. These are great pumps and this is the Ti version which didn't have the issues of the SS pumps. They are IMHO the quietest external pump made. Specs 1275 GPH 18' Max head 50 Psi max pressure nearly silent.. I have a mag 2 running on a rubber isolator along side it which is much much louder.. This would make a great return or High pressure skimmer pump. asking 125 obo.
  10. tech4x4

    Large ETS 2500 skimmer for sale! - Sold!

    price drop 650 obo.. you can't find a skimmer of this performance anywhere near this price!!
  11. tech4x4

    Large ETS 2500 skimmer for sale! - Sold!

    Price drop 750 obo.. if anyone is in the market for a large skimmer there is no better time..
  12. tech4x4

    Large ETS 2500 skimmer for sale! - Sold!

    Price drop 900 OBO..