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  1. Thank you everyone

    Had a blast hanging with Scott and Lindsey today. Pencil me in for next year.
  2. Fragniappe Volunteers!

    I can put you to work! ;-)
  3. Update on my health

    Hang in there man! Sending good vibes, prayers, and anything we can your way.
  4. Update on my health

    Same here.
  5. E-cig users...

    Here is my latest. Lavabox DNA 200, Kennedy 24mm
  6. Christmas Party Raffle - Tickets and Donations

    I sent an email to Greg. We'd like to help out as well.
  7. Update on my health

    Stay strong Scott!
  8. E-cig users...

    Desk check. New stuff!
  9. E-cig users...

    I got me a new toy yesterday. I didn't think I would like the cube, but I'm enjoying it thus far.
  10. Does anyone know Caleb Sharp?

    You da man! He's emailed us. You can delete this thread if needed. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know Caleb Sharp?

    Sorry to post in the general section, however he has placed an order with us and I'm getting an undelivered error when trying to email him. If you know him, could you ask him to PM me or email us at store AT ? THANKS!
  12. June POTM Submission Thread!

    Lucked up into this piece. A wholesaler had this listed as unknown and they weren't sure what it was. I guessed right. Gold Lithophyllon
  13. E-cig users... Dirt cheap for the 150
  14. E-cig users...

    That's pretty awesome
  15. E-cig users...

    Ha thanks! I'm still learning. I was trying to build coils for a mech mod for the Sig. Then realized I was doing it all wrong. Those are 10 wraps of 24g A1. It's a cloud and flavor monster at 85W