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  1. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Thank you everyone

    Had a blast hanging with Scott and Lindsey today. Pencil me in for next year.
  2. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Fragniappe Volunteers!

    I can put you to work! ;-)
  3. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Sit down before clicking! Maui Wowi Chalice!

    I have some hidden for Fraggniappe :-)
  4. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Sit down before clicking! Maui Wowi Chalice!

    I even took a few cell phone pictures. It's one of the prettiest Chalice I've ever seen.
  5. 14K Halides Royal blue LEDs
  6. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Update on my health

    Hang in there man! Sending good vibes, prayers, and anything we can your way.
  7. MurfreesboroAquatics

    We're pleased to announce the opening of our sister store! This is our new website for all things fragging! We've got plugs, disks, shipping supplies, and more! Be sure to check out the website when you're needing plugs, all orders over $33 ship for FREE!
  8. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Update on my health

    Same here.
  9. MurfreesboroAquatics

    New corals and year end sale!

    We've just added a bunch of new corals to the website! Be sure to visit and check out everything before its gone! To say thank you to everyone for another great year, we're running our year end discounts a little early. Use coupon code CORAL during checkout to save 15% off your order! Coupon expires 12/31/2015 Check out some of these awesome corals!
  10. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Thank you to Murfreesboro Aquatics

    Thanks Scott. Hope you enjoy everything. It's all about the community and reef family coming together. It's the least we could do for you. You've supported us many times, now it's our chance to give back.
  11. MurfreesboroAquatics

    E-cig users...

    Here is my latest. Lavabox DNA 200, Kennedy 24mm
  12. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Christmas Party Raffle - Tickets and Donations

    I sent an email to Greg. We'd like to help out as well.
  13. MurfreesboroAquatics

    Update on my health

    Stay strong Scott!
  14. MurfreesboroAquatics

    E-cig users...

    Desk check. New stuff!
  15. MurfreesboroAquatics

    E-cig users...

    I got me a new toy yesterday. I didn't think I would like the cube, but I'm enjoying it thus far.