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  1. All sold. Lock it up
  2. Video uploading to Vimeo now. Will post link when done
  3. Moving out the zoas I have collected. First and foremost there IS some bubble algae and apstasia on the plugs and disks. That's up to you to decide on how you wish to remove or deal with. My tank is overrun with it so not much I can do. Anyway, I can't name them all but will point out some that I know of. Rastas, pink zippers, orange bam bams, a couple of different PE's including Agave, utter chaos, blue hornets, gods of war and so on. Video was taken this morning as lights were coming on. $200 firm takes them all. If you were to frag and resell these I'm positive you will make your money back and then some. First come first serve.
  4. I want to say Hai just acquired a frag, but not 100% on this.
  5. Yeah. What he said. Nothing in LA. I have one and I drove 10 hours to get her north of Dallas. The closest I know of a breeder is in Houston. I have them on my Facebook. They post new litters every so often. Can't vouch for them regarding bloodline but the dogs look good. I will send you the link via Facebook. My girl is going on 5 years old. Here in another year or so I will be getting a male from a breeder in Mexico. BEAUTIFUL dogs! Here are some pics from their dogs. The black one is jaw dropping. And going to BT's is going to be night and day for you guys. I absolutely love the breed but they are Extremely high energy dogs. But I never stop laughing with mine.
  6. Either of them rimless?
  7. Looks great Ron!
  8. That would be awesome man!
  9. Where are you located? I had the exact same fan go out on me last night.
  10. Lol, not all but some will be forsale here soon
  11. Lol, a trio of them is on my bucket list for my future tank. Always loved the way they looked. Just not the stories on their success..
  12. I wish. I think that is my Spendid Pintail Wrasse. Or it could be one of my bartletts.
  13. I tripled my rack space by adding more racks thinkin I would have plenty of room to start fragging some colonies.. now im scratching my head because not one frag was cut.....