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  1. Mega zoanthid sale.

  2. Coral Beauty for Sale

    $30 .
  3. Coral Beauty for Sale

    Local pickup only New Orleans, la I really don't know what he's worth, but he's a nice size and has been in my established tank for 3 years. The only reason I want him gone is so I can get a flame angel. $30. .
  4. 2 Kessil Goosenecks

    Bump .
  5. 2 Kessil Goosenecks

    Comes with everything as pictured. Retail is $35 new per gooseneck ($70 total) Asking $40 total Local pickup or will ship (shipping additional)
  6. Red monti $40

    Great! PM me and let's set it up.
  7. Red monti $40

    $5? $10? I don't wanna spend much bc I haven't had a ton of luck with them before nor any new coral, but I think I've got my levels under control now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Red monti $40

    I've got a 75gal. reef and finally have a 2-part doser set up. I really just want to start with a small, cheap piece and see if it grows, as I'm having some issues with my levels.
  9. Red monti $40

    Price? Pics? Location?
  10. Red monti $40

    Have any smaller pieces?
  11. Dual reactor pump placement help

    I just got the brs silicone kit for the reactor, so it's easier now for me to run the line to and from the dual reactor. I have the cobaltj1200 pump. Should I place the pump it in the first chamber where the drain line and skimmer are, second chamber where the chaeto is, or third chamber where the return pump is? What chamber should I place the return line from the reactor with the clean water ? .
  12. ATO Container - Mold Growing???

    Thanks everyone! I've never cleaned it. I just let it drain and refill it. I'll clean it with water and vinegar asap.
  13. Hey Everyone, It looks like black mold has started to grow in the ATO container. It's 5gal. and i've been using it for approx 4 yrs. My tank is a 75gal. mixed reef with glass lids and a hood, so I really don't go through much ATO (maybe 5gals every two weeks). I keep the small cap off of the container so the wiring for the Tunze can fit in there. Has anyone ever seen this happen? What should I clean it out with? Get a new container? Add a powerhead? Thanks!
  14. 50g Rimless PA tank/Sump

    tank still available?
  15. Glass tops with a canopy?

    I already have that ATO...thanks! Is there any benefit to having the glass tops beside less evaporation?