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  1. $275 - 75gal. drilled reef ready tank w/ stand &canopy

    $275 if some picks up today!
  2. $275 - 75gal. drilled reef ready tank w/ stand &canopy

    No equipment.
  3. 75 gal corner drilled tank with stand and canopy. I also have glass tops to the tank if you choose not to use the canopy. Sump can be included for an additional $50. $275. Located in New Orleans, LA
  4. Coral, Fish, and Tank Sale (Individual or Whole Setup)

    @Admins Please close...everything sold
  5. Coral, Fish, and Tank Sale (Individual or Whole Setup)

    flame angel - 40yellow watchman goby - 15purple stripe dottyback - 5 all zoa rocks - 40 each torch coral rock with zoas - 60 gsp rock - 50 ricordea rock - 50 coral banded shrimp - SOLD clowns with 2 rose bubble anemones (hosting) - 125 tank, stand, and canopy (no equipment) - 300 all coral and rock (including anemone) - 350
  6. Coral, Fish, and Tank Sale (Individual or Whole Setup)

    I'll do all of the coral and rock for $400 OBO. Need to sell asap
  7. Hey everyone! I've had this 75gal reef up and running for over 6 years, but we're moving and now is the best time for me to break down this tank in preparation for a new tank down the road. So I'll selling all of my coral and fish, stand, tank, and canopy. If you have any questions, please let me know! I need to sell everything asap!IMG_1981.jpg IMG_1980.jpg IMG_1978.jpg IMG_1750.jpg IMG_1307.jpg IMG_1244.jpg IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1241.jpg IMG_1239.jpg IMG_1218.jpg IMG_1066.jpg IMG_1065.jpg
  8. Hanna Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter Checker

  9. Kessil A160WE Light w/ gooseneck & controller

  10. Kessil A160WE Light w/ gooseneck & controller

    New Orleans, LA
  11. For Sale: Brand new Hanna Instruments Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Checker Kit Retail: $49...Selling for $40 Local sales only in the New Orleans Area
  12. Glass cleaner

    What do yall recommend to clean the glass? I've used magfloats, Tunze Care Magnet and the Flipper Magnetic Cleaner, but they are hard to use on the back glass. I was considering this from BRS. Anyone tried it? Other recommendations?
  13. For Sale: Gently used Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue LED Light ($239 new) with gooseneck ($35 new) and controller ($99 new). $175 cash local sales only or best offer
  14. Sold

    can you post new pics and prices?
  15. JF purple tip nana

    price and location?