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  1. Hanna Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter Checker

  2. Kessil A160WE Light w/ gooseneck & controller

  3. Kessil A160WE Light w/ gooseneck & controller

    New Orleans, LA
  4. For Sale: Brand new Hanna Instruments Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Checker Kit Retail: $49...Selling for $40 Local sales only in the New Orleans Area
  5. Glass cleaner

    What do yall recommend to clean the glass? I've used magfloats, Tunze Care Magnet and the Flipper Magnetic Cleaner, but they are hard to use on the back glass. I was considering this from BRS. Anyone tried it? Other recommendations?
  6. For Sale: Gently used Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue LED Light ($239 new) with gooseneck ($35 new) and controller ($99 new). $175 cash local sales only or best offer
  7. Sold

    can you post new pics and prices?
  8. JF purple tip nana

    price and location?
  9. Orange Cluster of Zoa $25

    i really cant see what they look like...thanks anyway!
  10. JF purple tip nana

    still available?
  11. Sold

    anything still left?
  12. Orange Cluster of Zoa $25

    Can you post/message me a better pic?
  13. Duncan frags for sale

    Where are you located? .
  14. 2 Kessil Goosenecks

  15. FREE Pair of 3-Stripe Damsels

    SOLD Please close