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  1. I forgot to say these are crossposted.
  2. These are drained and ready for pickup in Shreveport. 28g bowfront with stand, hood light, extra bulb, HOB filter, and heater $75 40g bowfront with stand, HOB filter, hood light, heater, and powerhead $125
  3. Still available
  4. Aquired 2 sailfin tangs, medium-large size, with a setup we bought from someone, but they will not work out well with our livestock. They came to me with some head erosion, I've been feeding with vitamins and such trying to get them better. Someone please offer them a new home, they need to go $50 each, crossposted. Sorry for crappy pics
  5. This is sold, thanks
  6. I'll trade you my 75 for your 210 haha. I wish I had the $$ for this right now, it's perfect size for the space we have, and I wish we had gone bigger. Good luck [emoji4]
  7. Just took another pic today, I think this is a bit more clear
  8. This cute little thing needs a new home! Somebody out there has to be into rare and crazy things!
  9. Hellsfire anemone for sale, I'm not able to keep. Great rare piece for collectors, about 1"- 1 1/2". $250. Cross posted
  10. And awesome bc I'm in the early stages of said disease
  11. HAHA that's awesome
  12. Here's one that I had to ask about a while back PE- Polyp extension
  13. That's too funny [emoji13]
  14. I think so
  15. Got it dipped and out and into my little tank. Hopefully it makes it. It's weird because it's greenish looking.