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  1. Sorry I missed it. was returning from vacation in Pigeon Forge
  2. I have to agree with everybody. This is the best food I have used. Been feeding this since I got home with it. I was one of those people that went there when the doors opened and bought a pack. Then I got lucky and won the raffle for it. So, I am stocked up for awhile. Awesome product will be buying more again
  3. looking good. Can't wait till. Will there be food and drink vendor?
  4. is this for the rainbow you posted earlier. if so i will take it
  5. Kirk I am interested in a frag of these. just let me know.
  6. Can't Wait I be there. If ya'll need any help. let me know I am use to being vol-told!!!!
  7. i be there, cub scouts been eating my time lately
  8. I was wondering if ya'll where doing this again this year. ordered mine.
  9. Won't make the parade as I will be at cub scout camp. But should be at the xmas party.