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  1. zydeco69

    August 24th Frag Swap Meet at Aqua Hut!

    looks like I be able to make this one!!
  2. zydeco69


    awesome Will. what kind of beer did you brew?
  3. zydeco69


    Will, check out http://www.austinhomebrew.com that is where I usually order from usually gets here in two days and they have flat rate shipping
  4. zydeco69


    what equipment did you get? I been brewing extract kits for awhile now. ready to start doing all grain. I did purchase JT's 2 tap kegarator. love it. also have a fridge setup with a temp control for frementing. I have choc. stout on tap and a hefe frementing.
  5. zydeco69

    2014 Annual BRK Crawfish Boil - June 22

    Sorry I missed it. was returning from vacation in Pigeon Forge
  6. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    I got notified also that mine is shipping today also
  7. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    who did you pre order from. I got mine from vaportek. there site says they are shipping from china tomorrow.
  8. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    nice pickup if you can get to preform like you need/want. The beauty of clones they all have there quarks but usually work out ok once you figure them out. I am waiting on the dna 30 clone I pre ordered. wonder what kind of quarks it going to have? getting tired of the mech mods. I prefer the regulated mods.
  9. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    if you had juice it may catch fire. if you had a hot spot it could cause the juice to light.
  10. zydeco69

    Happy Easter Sunday

    Happy Easter BRK!! Enjoy your Family and Friends on this blessed Day
  11. zydeco69

    Hello all

    Welcome aboard.
  12. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    Very nice setup
  13. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    I have the nemesis clone and the sentinel p-mod. Hate the switch on the nemesis constantly coming apart. But does hit harder the the sentinel. Sentinel is my main mod and nemesis is my backup due to the switch.
  14. zydeco69

    E-cig users...

    Local vape shop sells the suicide bunny juices. Sells very quick. My wife is currently smoking the derailed. tastes like gram crackers with a hint of banana.