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  1. Hate to hear that you're shutting down, Rick! Hope you're doing well. I'll try to swing by before you completely close down. -JR .
  2. I would try this... .
  3. Have you tried resetting it? Maybe it's linked to a prior apex program? .
  4. My BTA split. Bright red and green. Video is of the momma. It looks even better in person. $40. Roughly the size of a baseball. Located in Metairie. 7065752984 .
  5. $20 takes the pair!
  6. I think it's my storage container. I use a brute trash can and only notice the smell if left in the container. If I make water directly into a bucket it is odorless. I've cleaned the Brute with vinegar and still get the same result.
  7. That's insane
  8. Mine has a fishy smell to it as well. New DI. Old DI. Still the same smell. Thoughts? And the TDS meter reads "0"
  9. It's gone. Sorry
  10. He gone! And he was picking on my leopard wrasse...and I've been contemplating a pair of leopards or adding some other fish. So he got the boot...otherwise he was great fish
  11. 2-3"...would like him gone ASAP. FREE pickup in Metairie 7065752984
  12. Would like these guys gone ASAP as they're in a bucket with aerator since catching them. Not sure what a fair price is. I'll start with $30. In Metairie 7065752984 .
  13. Have almost full (performed one 5 gallon water change) bucket of salt. Decided to stick with Redsea coral pro salt as I'm gonna keep alk and ca higher. Disclaimer--it's in a RSCP bucket, as USPS destroyed the regular blue bucket upon delivery. Looking to trade...preferably for a nice sps frag, but open to other offers.