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  1. 42 gallon rimless setup

    Tank, stand, sump, pump, ATO, skimmer pending .
  2. 42 gallon rimless setup

    Gyre sold, Apex still available
  3. 42 gallon rimless setup

    Updated*** parting out .
  4. Aqua Excel dc skimmer

    Like new, purchased less than 6 months ago. Have all paperwork and original box. Works great, just selling my tank so I no longer have a need. $150 .
  5. Yellow belly tang and mystery wrasse

    Sold. .
  6. Tang-$40 Mystery wrasse-$50 I’ve had both fish for over a year, just downsizing to a nano tank. Located in Metairie. 7065752984 .
  7. 42 gallon rimless setup

    Parting out**** Roughly 30-40 pounds of live rock $60 42 Gallon Cadlights Versa with custom acrylic top and Custom built stand (there are some scratches in the glass), jabeo dc 4000 return pump with manifold, heater, eshopps sump— $500 Ati 6 bulb dimmable light with reefbrite LED blue strip (needs new bulbs—I have 2 that will go with it) $350 or $300 without reefbrite Apex with EB8, display, temp and PH probe $275 Gyre xf230 sold E-shopps rs-100 sump $150 Aqua excel dc skimmer $150 Tunze ATO $125 Text for quickest response—7065752984 .
  8. Mystery Wrasse

    Bump! He's in my 5 gallon for sps! .
  9. Mystery Wrasse

    He's been in my QT for a week, someone come get him! Open to offers .
  10. Mystery Wrasse

    Healthy mystery wrasse for sale. I paid $130, asking $100. 2-3" in length. Semi-aggressive and will eat clean-up crew. Will consider trades for SPS. Message me on here or text 7065752984
  11. ricks closing

    Hate to hear that you're shutting down, Rick! Hope you're doing well. I'll try to swing by before you completely close down. -JR .
  12. Mp10wqd malfunction

    I would try this... .
  13. Mp10wqd malfunction

    Have you tried resetting it? Maybe it's linked to a prior apex program? .
  14. Red/green BTA

    My BTA split. Bright red and green. Video is of the momma. It looks even better in person. $40. Roughly the size of a baseball. Located in Metairie. 7065752984 .