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  1. What? I'm confused Michael. .
  2. Reesie12


    How much and where are you located? .
  3. Reesie12


    A cheap 55g stand. Needing it for my bearded dragon tank and wanted to see if anyone had one laying around they wanted to sale. Thanks!! .
  4. It looks a lot like some of the pics Google has for nemastoma. .
  5. Reesie12


    Yuppers, looks like the same critters you see in barnicles. .
  6. I have no idea and its hard getting a good pic. The only things in the tank are 2 pieces of LR, sand and the macro algae that I replenish once the pods eat them all. There's no telling where it came from or what it is. The only thing that I have had in the tank since setting it up that looks similar would be the Dragon Tongue. .
  7. I added a koralia in there to bump up the flow. The red slime is starting to go away but this popped up on the rock. That would be AWESOME if it was the Dragon Tongue macro. I was so sad when it didn't make it. I know its not easy to ship but I gave it a try. Miss you guys!!! .
  8. Reesie12


    At least that's what it looks like to me!! My new piece from Michael. Happy Halloween everyone!! .
  9. So this is my dwarf seahorse tank. Yes, I'm battling red slime due to the low flow but slowly getting rid of it before stocking it with the seahorses. My question is what the heck is this growing on my rock? I had a small amount of the Dragon Tongue macro in here when I first started but it didn't make it. Could this be a colony forming? Thanks and sorry I have been here in awhile!!! .
  10. Oh he's pretty. I'll increase the flow and shake the buggers out of the macro. Thanks so much for your help!! I really appreciate your words of wisdom .
  11. Thank you Mr. Funke! I appreciate the info. I may even throw my file fish in there to see if he does any damage. He wiped out my aptasia problem in the 90g. He's been out of a job since then and has fattened up on pellets, lol. Thoughts? Or is there a species of nudibrach that could wipe these suckers out. I don't have high flow in there due to the dwarf seahorses I plan on putting in there. I guess I'll stick an extra Koralia I have in there to blow them around. It's just difficult because they're attached through out all of the macro algae as well as the glass. .
  12. This is what the hydroids look like on the glass. There's also free floating ones that look like mini jelly fish until they attach to something. And looks pretty much like this when swimming... I'm not sure what kind of critter would remove these pest .
  13. Not sure but they came in on the macro algae and they are tiny! I noticed some swimming around too, kind of look like really small jelly fish. .