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  1. Selling my 180g SETUP. Willing trade for guns, ar15, m16,9mm rifle etc. Also maybe laptop willing to look at a laptop for trade as i am going back to school for my bachelor's.. just let me know what you want to trade and ill take it into consideration.. My dad is giving me his setup and is about 3 times the size with everything I need.. so i need this one out asap located in west MonroeTank comes with fishVlamingii tang, clown trigger, huma trigger, Niger trigger, moray eel, and blue jaw trigger female. Equipment 36in trigger sump, decent size media reactor, protein skimmer aqua c 180, acrylic leak saver, BRS rodi 4 stage, Jecod return pump, pondmaster return pump (equal to about a mag 9). Rw8 jebao wavemaker, another controllable wavemaker, korila wavemaker, brute trash cans, about 120lbs of rock, lighting and more all you need.. have any question pm me if what you want doesn't hurt the fish or compromise the tank I'm willing to sell.. looking to get fish out first then so fourth.. contact me at 3378310778 Donnell can send videos and pics..
  2. Trying to sale my trigger system sump.. really nice custom made sump.. 36x18×16.. price 190 obo.. text for pictures.. 3378310778 located in West monroe
  3. Broke downtank yesterday and this what I have left to sale needs to go..Tank stand canopy 48x24x 36 700$ obo willing to negotiateDigital aquatics rk lite (2 pc4s, 2 temp probes, sl1 module, moonlight module (6 pod lights), and ph probe. 160 Can shipMag 18 pump 60$ (come with check and ball valve)Can shipTrigger systems sump 36 180$ obo Reef octopus media reactor w/ pump 50$ can ship. 50lbs of live rock And a few other things.. Hit me up if interested. And for pics of it being broke down 3378310778. Located in West Monroe
  4. Hello everyone. I'm selling or partial trading my 190g acrylic aquarium for a smallet aquarium.. this is a great tank made by the ATM. (Guys from the show tanked) very soild and is running great.. Tank is 48x38x24. This list has not only everything that is on the tank but other things I have for sale.Will not be parting out unless tank is sold. Will make package deal..Equipment:Tank stand canopy 1200$ obo3ft t5 HO fixture 40$Eco ray led fixture 60$ Led fluval fixture w/ controller 60$ oboRO classic 150int 140$3ft custom trigger system sump $200DA rk lite controller 180$ obo (2 pc4, moonlight mod w/ 6 pods, Sl1, 2 temp probe, ph probe)Mag 18 100$Mp40 150$Reef octopus media reactor (biopellets) 40$Over 200lbs of live rock and sand.Turbo twist Uv sterilizer $80Plus other powerheads, wavemakers and pumps and much more things.. ( most of this things are less than 4 months old)Livestock:Zebra eel 120$Baby clown trigger 100$Harlequin tusk 80$Magnificant foxface 80$Niger trigger 30$ Yellow tang 35$Note: Don't have to get livestock if you don't want to.. as I love every single one of these fish.. just will get a tank to house them if you don't have a smaller tank to trade..I am buying a house soon not in really a rush to sale but will like to see it go alittle early. I will b getting a monster tank mid 2016.. please contact me for any questions or/and pics.. somethings on this list I could spare to sale now.. Donnell 3378310778 located in West Monroe
  5. I'm interested.. please contact me and we can discuss a price.. 3378310778
  6. In need of a mag 12 or mag 18 located in the west monroe sherveport area.. thanks 3378310778
  7. Looking for a rkl sl1 module hit me up.. 3378310778.. located in west monroe but will be in the lafayette area all next week..
  8. Are you interested in parting out things..? Hit me up 3378310778
  9. I have 2 metal halides for sale or trade.. thought I was going to go reef but I'm deciding to just go fowlr.. my tank is now cycling and I would like to get some lights that are good.. maybe some leds. I have 42in tall tank. I'm selling them for about 40-50 bucks each. Really good condition.. they are to mount in a canopy.. hit me up for more details and pics 3378310778.. Thank you..
  10. 55g with stand good condition 100$ 55g drum 20$ obo Ro filter 3 stage 30$ Bio wheels filter 15-35$ every size And a few other things.. hit me up if interested. 3378310778 Can send pics
  11. Sold all my livestock now it's time to sale all my equipment everything works good or I wouldn't be selling mag 24 50$ sicce 5 pump 50$ 55g drum 15 5 powerheads 8$ each Biowheels filters 10$ each different sizes overflow box eshopps 1200 40$obo 40g hexagon tank 25$ led t5 metal halide fixture 40$ Have a few other things just hit me up for pics and questions Will ship the smaller things will take paypal payments. 3378310778
  12. Need the tank emptied for my ball python (selling everthing) willing to trade for a python. baby snowflake eel - 20 now 10 Pair of clowns- 25 now 15 Zoas- 20 now 15 flower pot coral - 50 now 30 rbta- 20 now 15 rock full of polps- 30 now 20 Rock full of zenia - 30 now 15 Brain coral - 40 now 25 cup coral- 40 now 25 green star polyps - 25 now 15 small blenny - 10 15 turbos - 10 now free with purchase 2 chocolate star-10 now free with purchase I will sell everything plus some extra live rock thats in the tank for 150 And a few others. Hit me up if interested 3378310778. Let me know what you interseted and I will send pic