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  1. Pm me your number and I'll text pics of the garden. Sailfin is 2 or 3 inches
  2. Bonzi, $150 is way low, these are $399 new, and have been used for less than a year, I consider $300 to be a fair used price with some room to negotiate, but $150 ain't happening, thanks anyway. Ricky, located in prarieville Bob, I can post more pics of the tube soon, thanks for the interest. I hate to get rid of it but won't have the room in thr new tank.
  3. BUMP, need this stuff gone, make me an offer
  4. UPDATED PRICESLivestock:Sailfin - $30Blue Spotted Puffer - $25 SOLD Snowflake Eel - $50 (this guy is my fave, it’s about 18” long, will eat like a pig right out your hand, too big for new tank)Neon Yellow/Orange Tube Anenome - $60 (too big for my new tank, not pink like most tubes)Live rock with Orange Letpo, covers about 3” of rock - $20 (hair algae) SOLD3 frags of Green Button Palys - $10 per frag (multiple heads)2 frags of Mint Pavona - free (hair algae)Cotton Candy (10 heads) - $10 (hair algae)Purple/yellow tip Torch - $30 (hair algae) SOLDDead rock, not sure how many pounds yet, will update when I know.Equipment:75 gallon rimless shallow reef tank w/custom stand and 30 gallon refugium w/lights - $350 SOLD2 Radion XR15 (with slides for RMS track)– $300 per lightEcoTech Marine Multi-Light RMS Track 60.5” - $30EcoTech Marine Multi-Light Arm (only one arm, the other is being used on new tank) - $30Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer (used approx. 2 months) - $150 SOLDPro Clear Aquatic Systems Premier model 75 Sump - $60 SOLD Thanks for the interest, serious buyers only please.
  5. I have a rimless shallow reef 75 gal that will be for sale in a few weeks if you're interested. It's 6ftx13inx15in? Can send pics if you're interested. Haven't listed it yet because I want it to be closer to the selling date.
  6. sorry we missed it, we were in Mississippi, hope y'all had a great time
  7. bump
  8. Monti's and pavona Mother colonies for superman monti and orange lepto
  9. I have a large colony of orange leptoseris (fake-o-lantern) and another of superman monti that I'm considering fragging. Just wanted to gauge any interest before I do. I also have a few frags of red plating monti and one frag of mint pavona that I'd like to get rid of. Monti's $10 per frag and $15 for the pavona (these are ready to go). Lepto frags will be $30-40 per frag depending on size and $20 for the superman monti (these will be fragged and need to heal for about a week). I'll take pics of the colony tonight and post asap. Thanks
  10. SOLD! Lock it up, thanks
  11. I can meet you halfway if you're interested. Maybe hammond or covington if you're in slidell
  12. bump, will do $250 for all firm
  13. Marineland 45 cube, dims are 23" wide, 23" deep, 19-1/2" tall. Tank is drilled and reef ready. Has custom stand w dark cherry finish. 2 years old, no scratches, tank and stand are in great shape. Stand has a rub mark across the bottom from the vacuum though. Asking 300$ for the set, open to offers.