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  1. Ecotech Radion XR15s and Light Gear For Sale

    GEN 3 or 4, I can't remember at the moment. I'll check tonight and let you know
  2. Anyone need dead rock?

    bump for pictures
  3. Have this stuff left over from the previous tank: 2 Radion XR15 (with slides for RMS track)– $300 per light EcoTech Marine Multi-Light RMS Track 60.5” - $30 EcoTech Marine Multi-Light Arm (only one arm, the other is being used on new tank) - $30 Any questions, just ask, thanks!
  4. Anyone need dead rock?

    Different sizes, not sure if it could all fit in a 29 though. I can send you pictures if you're interested. PM me your number if so, thanks
  5. POTM June 2017 Winner

    Right on! Thanks everybody!
  6. Anyone need dead rock?

    30 lbs, will let it all go for $80. PM me your number if you want pics, thanks!
  7. All livestock sold, please close
  8. Picture of the Month June 2017 (Anything)

    Thanks y'all! That's off my phone too!
  9. BUMP, need the sailfin, eel, tube nem and Button Palys sold before friday, y'all hit me up, let's make a deal!
  10. Pm me your number and I'll text pics of the garden. Sailfin is 2 or 3 inches
  11. Bonzi, $150 is way low, these are $399 new, and have been used for less than a year, I consider $300 to be a fair used price with some room to negotiate, but $150 ain't happening, thanks anyway. Ricky, located in prarieville Bob, I can post more pics of the tube soon, thanks for the interest. I hate to get rid of it but won't have the room in thr new tank.
  12. BUMP, need this stuff gone, make me an offer