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  1. nolaaquatics

    New Shipment in July 13!

    Click on the link below to view some cool new fish arriving this week!
  2. nolaaquatics

    Cool New Fish in this week

  3. nolaaquatics

    Cool New Fish in this week

    Check out some of our cool new fish that we are installing in a 400 gallon aquarium for a company in Covington this week. Very cool! Stop by this week and check them out and let us know when you are ready to order! Large Rainbow Parrotfish Large Lookdown Fish!!! Show Naso Blonde with Streamers about 8 inches X-Lg Harlequin Tusk Clown Trigger
  4. nolaaquatics

    Welcome, Nola Aquatics, New Premium Sponsor!

    We are having a huge One Year Anniversary Sale from June 25 to July 2. 20% off all dry goods, fish, coral, invertebrates, and aquariums (excluding Red Sea and Innovative Marine) Please help us spread the word! NOLA Aquatics 1705 Hwy 59, Ste. 10 Mandeville, LA 70448 985-778-0993
  5. Hi everyone, we have a  few new things happening with our store:


    • We are now doing installations and maintenance for our customers! To inquire please email us at


    • We can custom order fish or coral for you. Again just email us at the email listed above.


    • We are now Red Sea Authorized Dealers and can hook you up with an awesome system. If you want to see one in person, come visit our store!


    • We have an awesome selection of coral and fish, come check us out!


    • We are coming upon our one year anniversary and will have some big discounts for our customers!


    • Want to join our emailer that goes out when we get new coral and fish in? Just send an email to and let us know which email to send it to!

    Visit our website and facebook page for updates:



  6. nolaaquatics

    NOLA Aquatics

    Hey Stoned, if this is my friend who ordered the Nassarius snails, just wanted to let you know they are in! We are getting better every week so ya'll need to check us out!
  7. Come join us next Saturday, July 25 for our Grand Opening Celebration. We will have jambalaya, bbq, snowballs, games and giveaways from our vendors. Also, 98.9 will be broadcasting from our location and all items are 10% off. We hope to see you there!
  8. nolaaquatics

    Red Sea MAX 250 Aquarium and Livestock FOR SALE (SOLD)

    Is this still for sale? I had a customer looking for something like this last week.
  9. nolaaquatics

    Welcome, Nola Aquatics, New Premium Sponsor!

    Hey everyone- I'm not sure if I am posting this where everyone can see but I wanted to let everyone know we are now open for business. Check out our facebook page: to see our selection of products. We have some gorgeous coral and fish this week! Stop by and see us if you can!
  10. nolaaquatics

    Welcome, Nola Aquatics, New Premium Sponsor!

    Just wanted to say we are very pleased with our selection of clownfish by Sustainable! I've already had several customers comment on how they want an entire tank full of them!
  11. nolaaquatics

    Welcome, Nola Aquatics, New Premium Sponsor!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Yes, NOLA Aquatics will be the new LFS store opening on the northshore- our projected opening date is in June- however this may be pushed back and if it does we will let you know. We ordered new tanks this week from DAS and some came in cracked! New ones should arrive tomorrow- fingers crossed that all arrives intact! Everything else is coming together- tanks we have in there are at proper salinity and inventory has began to arrive. We are focusing on selling mainly saltwater fish and freshwater and a few reptiles. As Jeff mentioned before, we would love to hear about products that have worked for you and you would like to see us sell and I will try to work with the vendors to contract to sell them wholesale to our customers. I just put in an application today with Bulk Reef Supply today to see if we can start working with them. Again thanks for the warm welcome and be sure to stop by and see us once we are open. I will post on here exactly when that date will be, but should be soon! Take care~ Sheree & Brett Caminita