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  1. New equipment FS

  2. New equipment FS

    Will split up. $275.00 for biocube and $125.00 for RO/DI or package for $350.00
  3. New equipment FS

    Well guys, thought I wanted back in the hobby. Thought it all out, knew what I wanted, and here I am changing my mind. I have a brand new still in the box 29g bio cube with extra led strips. Never out the box. Also have a brand new (factory refurbished) 90gpd spectra pure RO/DI unit. Again, never unwrapped. $475.00 invested. Sale for $400.00. Package deal. Located in Lake Charles area.
  4. homemade live rock

    It all takes time. I have my 29g biocube coming in today but no real plans of setting it up any time soon.
  5. homemade live rock

    Keep in mind you have to let it leech for several weeks before putting in tank
  6. homemade live rock

    Keep me posted on how it goes
  7. homemade live rock

    Yes. That's what I used from feed store
  8. homemade live rock

    Here's the post i just finished making some. i used crushed oyster shell mixed 50/50 with aragonite. 3.5 to 1 portland. turned out very nice. i also made some with the 50/50 mix then mixed that 50/50 with solar salt. 3.5 to 1 portland. extremely porous and looks increadible! can't wait to use it!
  9. homemade live rock

    If you look back at my old posts on LARC, I put a mix ratio using cement, sand, crushed oyster shell and solar salt. Turned out amazing and purpled up pretty quick. No longer have my setup but thinking about getting back in. If I do I will make most of my rock again.
  10. New from Sulphur

  11. New from Sulphur

    That is nice! I'll have to do some reading on it! Thanks for the link.
  12. New from Sulphur

    Been out of the hobby for about 7 years. Life circumstances forced me out. Had a 55 gallon reef setup. Anyway, been playing with the idea of wetting my feet again. Thinking about a little 12g jbj setup. Mainly zoa's and things with a couple small fish. What's your thoughts?