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  1. I would never use chemical clean there are to many horror stories.
  2. Yeah that is what I was thinking of. I'll have to pic some up and give it a shot.
  3. No signs of coral stress or anything?
  4. Updated pic from a better cam. Travis have you used chemipure blue personally?
  5. well I am getting her Whipped into shape. I am happier and happier every day I look at my tank nitrates are coming way down and the cyano is retreating. I am looking into dosing vinegar but not sure if I will more research is needed on my part. also looking into some chemipure blue and will probably go this route if the cyano does not disappear soon.
  6. Ever make it by Covington?
  7. Well I am slowly getting her straight still a lot to do.
  8. I remember reading somewhere that this stuff leeches aluminum into the water. I do believe it was never proven though it is worthy of some more research.
  9. 10 hours on the light. It is an old 20k bulb so I am guessing it's more like 14-16k.
  10. I do have a 250 watt metal halide over this 29 gallon. It may be too much light.
  11. mr salt

    DSA 65 sold

    All of these nice tanks going up for cheap. Wish I wasn't so broke. You should sell this tank easily.
  12. Good to know. How efficient are these reactors at removing nitrates.
  13. I am fixing to try to set up a sulfur reactor to battle my high nitrates. My main question is if co2 is needed to run this reactor or is that for if the reactor is converted to a calcium reactor? Also are there long term side effects of running sulfur? When I here about sulfur being added to a tank it makes me worry.
  14. Well here is a pic of the 29 Although very ugly with cyano at the moment despite the battle. I still enjoy it very much. I will get this tank back to its former glory once again. The cause of the cyano is due to high nitrates that i just cant seem to get down. The origional source as far as I know was due to detritus in the sump which has been cleaned and filter sock installed to prevent furhter issues. I have ben performing 10 gallon water changes a week to try to get the nitrate levels down with little success. The over all water volume is about 36 gallons. I have been thinking of bumping it up to a 50% water change to help get them down but am not sure if this is an appropriate action. Also a backdrop is soon to come so You wont see the wall behind the tank. Three sweet colonies that I got from Logan. Thanks again man. I do have to say to my wifes dissatisfaction that I have been infect by the BUG once again and am on the prowl for a larger tank. Well thanks for reading. And any denitrate techniques that have worked for you guys let me know. I hate cyano with a passion.
  15. Anthias are pretty sweet and active swimmers