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  1. mr salt

    E-cig users...

    I use the samsung 25r. GOOD performance cheap and so readily availible they are not really counterfited like the vtc4 and 5s are.
  2. mr salt

    E-cig users...

    Nice digging the red and black theme.
  3. mr salt

    E-cig users...

    i finally did it two claptons ready to go. I dont know why but these were always a challenge for me.
  4. I would never use chemical clean there are to many horror stories.
  5. Yeah that is what I was thinking of. I'll have to pic some up and give it a shot.
  6. No signs of coral stress or anything?
  7. I have seen a place in Texas that had an almost to scale of the rotor/blades Apache attached to it and it looked awesome.
  8. Updated pic from a better cam. Travis have you used chemipure blue personally?
  9. well I am getting her Whipped into shape. I am happier and happier every day I look at my tank nitrates are coming way down and the cyano is retreating. I am looking into dosing vinegar but not sure if I will more research is needed on my part. also looking into some chemipure blue and will probably go this route if the cyano does not disappear soon.
  10. You came to the right place for answers. Welcome to BRK,
  11. Ever make it by Covington?
  12. Well I am slowly getting her straight still a lot to do.
  13. I remember reading somewhere that this stuff leeches aluminum into the water. I do believe it was never proven though it is worthy of some more research.
  14. mr salt


    Miniature pinschers are a smart more masculine dog. Also bull terriers are pretty awesome.
  15. 10 hours on the light. It is an old 20k bulb so I am guessing it's more like 14-16k.