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  1. The tank I used the Dino x on I never got rid of the Dino. After trying different things for 1 1/2 years I tore the tank down & upgraded to a 150. I also had it more recently in my 40 b and I tried the so called dirty method & I beat it. I use Kalk all the time so my ph stays on the higher side but I quit doing water changes & started dosing phyto & adding a bunch of pods. I stayed the coarse for about two months & it knocked it way back. There wasn't much left but it stayed the same for another month then I decided to vacume out my sandbed. I stayed bb for around a month before I added sand back and it's been 3 months since I put sand back in & I haven't seen any Dino since. I got the idea from the long Dino thread on rc.
  2. I have heard of it working for quite a few people so I tried it but it didn't do anything in my tank. I believe it depends on the type of Dino u have, it works on some kinds but not others. It didn't cause any harm in my tank but I didnt have any coral in the tank, just fish, inverts & a couple anemones
  3. Lsufan

    Cheap Frags

    I would like to get the digis, monti & a few more if still available. If your in denham I'm not far from u. I'm in walker area.