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  1. Free Buckets

    I have collected quite a few 5-gallon buckets (and lids) over the years and would like to get rid of them. Feel free to reply if you would like any of them. They are completely free! (Located in Metairie)
  2. Equipment For Sale

    Dropped prices!!!
  3. Equipment For Sale

    Just posted new items with extra FREE items!!!
  4. Aquarium-All-in-One-Combo

    All of these items have been sold. Admins please close this thread!
  5. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    All of the items have been sold. Admins please close this thread!
  6. Hang on Back Refugium

    The refugium has been sold. Admins please close this thread!
  7. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    Both of the bottles are 500 mL
  8. Aquarium-All-in-One-Combo

    Yeah it's still available!
  9. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    Ok, that'll be fine.
  10. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    It's the 1/2 gallon two part kit. It comes with PVC 1 Gallon Jug with Cap, 1 Ounce Dispensing Pumps, and 100 mL cups (for measuring liquid solution. Im located in Metairie, LA.
  11. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    I'm selling a BRS 2 part bundle that I used to make 1 batch for $20 (there's more than half left). Whoever buys either item will get their choice of 2 of the following FREE items (more may be purchased for $5 each line): -Two Little Fishies Iron Concentrate (3/4 full -API Marine Melafix Dip (3/4 full) -Seachem Reef Fusion 2 (almost full) -Seachem Reef Fusion 1 & Kent Marine Tech M Magnesium (both 1/2 full) -Two Little Fishies Potassium Concentrate (1/2 full) & AcroPower (little left), Kent Marine Purple Tech & Pro Buffer dKH (both little left) -Bulk Reef Supply Bulk Kalkwasser (1/2 gallon) (1/2 full)
  12. Equipment For Sale

    Prices reduced!!! Plus I'm offering extra FREE items for those interested in buying.
  13. Hang on Back Refugium

    I am looking to sell my hang on the back refugium. It's in great condition and has been excellently maintained. The CPR AquaFuge2 Hang-On Refugium - Medium holds 3.60 Gallons and offers an elegant solution to organize all of your aquarium gear. As an incentive, I'll also throw in this FREE Two Little Fishies GFO Phosban Reactor 150 that works great in conjunction with the fuge. I am asking $110 for both items, but can negotiate. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I can also include a pump and tubing for the reactor if you'd like for an extra $20.
  14. Glass Aquarium (Free Stand!)

    The aquarium has been sold. Admins please close this thread!