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  1. These are Gen3 non pro models
  2. Yeah. You’ll be blinded. After hearing my wife complain about it a million times I finally surrendered. And mines are run only at 30%. My stand is white inside and out. Not sure about the black stands.
  3. It’s a reefer 350. It just sits on top of the tank glass with rubber cushions.
  4. So I got tired of being blinded by all the light spillover on my tank. So I built this canopy out of white PVC boards. Also built a light rack into the canopy. Matches the tank nicely. Thought I’d share with the rest of the community.
  5. Lights sold. Please close
  6. Yes I can do $500 for two of them. But I wouldn't be able to make the exchange until my new lights come in around the 20th. I can always meet you in Nola.
  7. Bump. Will split them up for $300 each. I will also toss in a RMS mount and wide angle lens while they are still available. Only one mount and one set of lenses left.
  8. I have three Radion XR30 Gen3 non pro models for sale. Bought them brand new and they have been running for about 2 years at 50% intensity. All 3 lights comes with 60" rail mount and reeflink for $1000. Not looking to split them up. I still have all original packaging. Text 2252665384 for more details or pictures.
  9. Lol. Yeah. My truck drinks gas like water. A round trip would be about $80. I have a friend that lives in Biloxi. I'll see if he can pick it up for me and hang on to it until I can meet up with him in Nola. PM me your number and maybe we can set something up
  10. Dang that's a good drive. I'll lose $80 in gas alone.
  11. Too bad you're located so far. I wouldn't mind upgrading from my alpha 170
  12. Skimmer sold. Please close