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  1. Prairie Dog

    RBTA's FS

    I have 5 small RBTA FS. $10 Each. No shipping.
  2. Prairie Dog

    Welcome Aqua Hut, New Premium Sponsor!

    They were mostly closed when I saw them, but I believe they were blue.
  3. Prairie Dog

    Welcome Aqua Hut, New Premium Sponsor!

    I was in there Saturday. All I saw were 2 small clams. About 1" each.
  4. Prairie Dog

    Sexy shrimp for sale

    Interested, where in Lafayette?
  5. Prairie Dog

    WTB euphyllia

    I have lots of branching hammer.
  6. Prairie Dog

    Any international travelers here?

    Lived in Amsterdam for ~6 months, England ~4 years when I was much younger. At that time, visited Brussels, Frankfurt, Zurich, Scotland. As an adult, visited London, Paris, Dublin, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. Worked in NW part of England a few years ago, visited many cities in that area. Also been to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel via cruise.
  7. Prairie Dog

    What Nitrate Test Kit Do You Use?

  8. Prairie Dog

    Red Coris and Queens

    From what I have read, those queens are very difficult to keep.
  9. Prairie Dog

    copperband butterfly

    Thought I saw live black worms for sale at Ron's Reef Coral in Baton Rouge last week.
  10. Prairie Dog

    Corals For Sale

    Sent pm yesterday about rock nems (looks like benjy has dibs on what's left), blastos, and mini carpets.
  11. Prairie Dog

    Euroaquatics E5 light

    Thanks Kirk. Didn't realize that. The thread in R2R is good, couple of folks have some of these and have been measuring PAR, etc.
  12. Prairie Dog

    Euroaquatics E5 light

    I believe marine depot is selling these. There is also a thread on reef2reef about these bulbs.
  13. Prairie Dog

    FS LPS and SPS - updated 3/1/16

    bump. op updated.
  14. can you tell me the size and prices of your frags?  Thanks

  15. Prairie Dog

    WTB tomorrow

    I'm in Pville near Dtown. Have hammer, purple bonsai, candy cane.