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    RBTA's FS

    I have 5 small RBTA FS. $10 Each. No shipping.
  2. They were mostly closed when I saw them, but I believe they were blue.
  3. I was in there Saturday. All I saw were 2 small clams. About 1" each.
  4. Interested, where in Lafayette?
  5. I have lots of branching hammer.
  6. From what I have read, those queens are very difficult to keep.
  7. Thought I saw live black worms for sale at Ron's Reef Coral in Baton Rouge last week.
  8. Sent pm yesterday about rock nems (looks like benjy has dibs on what's left), blastos, and mini carpets.
  9. Thanks Kirk. Didn't realize that. The thread in R2R is good, couple of folks have some of these and have been measuring PAR, etc.
  10. I believe marine depot is selling these. There is also a thread on reef2reef about these bulbs.
  11. I'm in Pville near Dtown. Have hammer, purple bonsai, candy cane.
  12. We are not far apart at all. Just let me know when ready.
  13. I have the following for sale. 29 gallon flat back hex tank and stand. Oceanic. Needs resealing - $50 30 gallon tank and stand. Bottom needs resealing - $50. Aquaclear 200 HOB Filter - $25 Whisper 30 HOB Filter - $25 Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X autofeeder. New in box. $30 9 pieces of small/medium live rock (mostly small) - $40 2 Fluval CP2 Circulation Pumps - $25 each.
  14. My green/purple tip branching hammer is about the size of a basketball. A few of pieces broke off a while back while moving. I have 1 piece remaining: With 4 heads, $30. ************************* I have two very large colonies of Purple Bonsai. Again, a while back a few frags broke off and I placed them on frag discs. This was over a year ago. All encrusted and growing on sand bed, multiple branches. 3 large frags (approx. 3 inches long) $20 each 2 SOLD / 2 Remaining 4 small colony (approx. 3" x 3"). $50 each 2 SOLD / 2 Remaining 1 medium colony (approx. 4" x 7"). SOLD 1 large colony (approx. 7" x 7"). SOLD Local pickup only. I can text pics. All prices OBO.
  15. My son's fowlr tank had a seam fail today. He decided to not replace the tank. I have a small hippo (1-2") and a small falco hawkfish looking for a new home. Both have been eating mysis very well and are healthy. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. They are in plastic bags in my sump. Don't want to put them in my reef tank. $35 for hippo; $15 for hawkfish. $40 for both. 931-8632
  16. My swallowtail angel did the same a few months ago.
  17. I am a repair man. I have the ultimate set of tools. I can fix it. Couldn't resist that line from a classic 1980's movie. Modified slightly.
  18. Parameters seem about right. Some may say KH on the low side. Torch dying, perhaps in high flow area? I've had that happen to me. As indicated above, leathers will go through phases, give it a few days and it should perk back up. Sometimes zoas just melt away and sometimes certain types of coral just don't thrive in some tanks. I cannot grow orange cap in my tank, but I can grow purple cap. Go figure. Hang in there.
  19. Prairie Dog

    Hammer corals

    Same for me, too much flow killed a 3 head branching hammer. Put skeleton in back of tank with little to no flow. After a few months a head started to grow back. After a while, I changed my flow pattern and put it in a low flow area in front of tank. It is now currently the size of a basket ball. I also lost 2 heads of a 4 head torch - too much flow. Put it in a better area and been having it for over 2 years now. Still 2 heads though. You mentioned your SPS is doing fine. So you have a mixed reef - so do I. Those are tricky because SPS typically need higher flow. Trick is getting flow patterns correct to keep both SPS and LPS happy. Once you do that, you should be able to grow both. So, I think too much flow did your hammer in.
  20. Had front pane separate from bottom just over a year ago on a 90. Not fun!