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  1. I emailed you the pictures.
  2. Just one with controller
  3. Getting out of the hobby for awhile. I do not want to part out ATM. $750 OBO for everything. Equipment: Tank BakPak 2 (new pump and gaskets) Jaebo rw-4 SB reeflight 165w HOB filter Wavemaker (600 GPH) Reef Foundation RedSea test kit Smart ATO mini Stainless Steel 300W heater Large Magfloat w/ 2 scrapers Assortment of food BRS 2 part Timers Livestock: Wyoming White Clownfish Starry Blenny 40 lbs live rock Hermits and snails 40 lbs live aragonite fiji pink sand Red montipora (medium) Purple tip montipora (small) Pink Birdsnest (medium) Green Acropora (small) Hollywood Stunner Chalice (medium) Candy Canes (~25 heads/2) Duncan (~15 heads) Torch (medium) Asst. mushrooms (blue, red, blue and purple spotted~20) Sundrop zoas (3 heads) Punk rocker zoas(4 or 5 heads) Blue Palys on big rock (~200 heads) I forgot to mention a cleaner shrimp and medium yellow leather.
  4. Looking for some colorful stuff to fill the tank up! .
  5. Dry hatchery diet. Bought a big container (8 Oz I think) when I got my wyoming whites bc they are too small to eat NLS pellets. Well it's way too much and I'm looking to trade for some zoas or sell half for like $5 .
  6. Looking for a dosing pump for my 2 part. I don't have a controller .
  7. So when I was persuaded to switch back to salt water and after hours of thinking about what fish I wanted I decided on a starry blenny and a pair of cool clowns. Well I couldn't find a starry blenny so I got a lawnmower and I couldn't bring myself to drop $100+ dollars on fish so I got all kinds of fish and wasn't really happy so I was constantly bringing them back and getting different things. And I had to tear apart my rocks every time. Last night was the last time because I finally have a starry blenny and a pair of baby Wyoming whites and an aquascape I like. Moral of the story is to just get what you want or don't get anything lol
  8. They had a branch right there probably about 1/4 inch and I cut it off bc it had the same thing. You think I should just get rid of the frag .
  9. Does anybody know why my BN is doing this? .
  10. scangelosi

    New Setup help

    I used a yoga mat for my tank. It's not rimless though. .
  11. What do yall think about this scape? .
  12. Yeah it's 1/2" EMT and it doesn't sag at all. I was kinda worried it would. The light isn't heavy though, hopefully it won't sag with an sbreeflight. Thanks for the compliment! .