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  1. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Getting out again

    I'm interested in one radion gen 2 do you still have any available if so pm me your PayPal info
  2. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Ocean motion

    I have an ocans motions 4-way only used for about 3 mouths asking $200 but fish and coral are welcomed also.
  3. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    The dedication tank

    The Brightwell method is actually more forgiving than the KZ method but I was thinking about switching from brightwell's neo Zeo to the KZ method but once I thought things through I feel as if it ain't broke then don't fix it so I'm sticking with it
  4. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    The dedication tank

    Yes I am
  5. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    The dedication tank

    Big update more coral and fish
  6. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Few items for sale and free

    Do you still have the 2 par 38 bulbs for sale
  7. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Led strips multi chips and Ecoxotic retro 36

    I have the following LEDs 4 two foot diy led strips with Cree white and blue LEDs with about 6 spare blue chips 3 50 watt multi chip LEDs two 20k and one royal blue with non dim able drivers and one Ecoxotic retro 36 fixture I also have three dimmable rapid led drivers and the rapid led controller. I'm getting rid of all of this because it don't have time to wire everything but I have tested both the led strips and retro 36 both power on but the LEDs just blink on and off all three multi chips work just fine with no problem so my loss I your gain if I had to put a price on it all can go for $75 but will trade for fish and coral
  8. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Anyone using T12 VHO?

    Where are you located
  9. Can_am_and_reeftanks82


    Does anybody have any freebies available are any coral that not doing too good the neo Zeovit tank is doing well and thriving
  10. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Spot lighting

    Looking for some ideas on providing more light to cover the islands that I have in my tank to grow Sps on. Right now I'm running a six for halide fixture with three 250 watt double ended bulbs but I'm not getting enough par on my islands the light covers my arch just fine just look for you guys opinions on lighting the four islands I have. I was thinking about going with 4 54watt par38 bulbs or some kessil please help me with this
  11. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    The dedication tank

    And that it is it's a beast of an reactor but I have to say I can see a big difference in my corals and my system already
  12. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    The dedication tank

    Made a few changes and also added a few goodies and coral wasn't to happy with the fit zeo reactor so I upgraded stay tuned meet the 5 liter bubble- magus Zeovit reactor this thing is huge It wasn't too good as a Zeovit reactor but it sure does kick NAUGHTY WORD as a carbon reactor Just got the jebao DP-4 doser in I will be adding another and run them as master and slave in the near future It's not the complete line of Brightwell addictives recommended for Neo Zeo but it's a good start Now for some tank shots top down view flame scallop
  13. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Free ammonia levels

    Been noticing from my Seneye reef reading that my free ammonia level has went from .001 to .011 in my that, I'm in my fourth week of running the neo Zeovit method I noticed on Sunday that the level had dropped from .011 to .009 but when I checked it yesterday evening around 5 it was at .011 again. At around 9 that night I refreshed my dashboard and it was back at .009 but I also noticed it was around lights out time for the tank and my ph was reading 8.49 which it normally runs at about 8.60 so this morning before I left to go to work it my ammonia was at .008 I just checked it again from the app and it's back up to .011 and my ph is up to 8.59. Which I know at this time my lights are on on the tank my question is does ph play a roll in your ammonia levels and would it go up and down like your ph levels does depending on your photo period. Also here is my stock list 1 orange spot goby 1 yellow watchman goby 1 blue spot watchman goby 1 pajama Cardinal 1 sixline wrasse 2 flaw scallops 1 coral banded shrimp 2 snails 10 blue legged hermits 1 horn coral and a Duncan frag for testing
  14. Can_am_and_reeftanks82

    Ido t5 fixture or retrofits

    Looking for 36inch t5 fixtures or retrofit fixtures in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas