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  1. CarRamrod

    Shutting down my tank

    Ok what do you want?
  2. CarRamrod

    Shutting down my tank

    Sorry guys i had forgetten to log back on to answer everyones messages. For the people asking about thew live rock i want to get rid of all the fish and corals before i sell that so you will have to wait on that. I am in Baton Rouge.
  3. CarRamrod

    Shutting down my tank

    I am tearing down my tank to prepare to move and a new baby. I hate to do it but it needs to happen. I will sell most of my equipment after i get rid of all my livestock. I do have a small green hair algae problem right now so if you do want the rock i can try to get ride of it before you pick it up. i have about 100# of live rock. Im in Baton Rouge Ill sell the whole setup for $2500. It is a 75 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump with ATO, protein skimmer, single media reactor, a 75g Dimmable Rapid LED kit, Neptune Apex Aqua Controller with standard ph probe. I do have a 1/2 Gallon - Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Total Package with Dosers i never set up. FISH Yellow Watchman Goby with paired Yellow pistol shrimp $40 Mandarin Goby, wild caught i have had him for over a year $50 Six Line Wraisse $15 2 black clowns(own tank) $75 Blue Damsel $10 1 Regular Clown ( pair died a few months ago) $10 CORALS 2 Duncans- One the size of a softball one the size of a golf ball(, $40/$20 Green Frogspawn with blue tips. i believe it is t heads.It is about double the size of this picture now. If you are interested i will take a new picture for you $40 Acan, it is way more colorful than this with orange and blue and green tint. about the size of 2 golf balls $50 Purple 3 or 4 headed Hammer. raw image, i could not get the blue out of it. but the color is a deep pastel purple. 50$ Green Pipe Organ $20 Purple and gold Zoa's. This im planning on fragging, but might not get to it. but as you can see.... i had a frag of it and it overtook my rack before i could move it. And this is my prize Coral. a Aussie Gold Torch. this thing had 2 heads last time i looked but i think has 3 or 4 now. It is a branching coral. It is the size of a softball fully blown up. It is yellow tips with purple tentacles and yellow strips in the tentacles easily seen with proper lighting. i bought this when it was a small single head Coral. Ive had it for over 2 years. I would Like $250 I guessed on prices, if there is anything way over priced we can talk about it. I have never sold corals before so im guessing i need to get some bags for when people come over.
  4. CarRamrod

    BTAs $20 or 2/$30 ALL SOLD

    how many more do you have?
  5. CarRamrod

    If i bite the bullet and buy Radions,

    right now i have a 75. but i am discussing with him to upgrade somewhere in the relm of 150-200. perferable a tall tank over a long tank so i should only need 2 units.
  6. What/Where is the cheapest place to get them. I am using a rapid diy kit right now and i really do like it, But I want to have more control over my lights and fell i should go ahead and get 2 radion pros. Do these ever go on sale or is there a sponsor that gives discounts on these. With how much they are every percent off counts.
  7. CarRamrod

    Duncan's for sale

    Those are some nice duncans. I already have one but if there are still some available i might take a colony.
  8. CarRamrod

    Rainbow Anonome $50

  9. CarRamrod

    Need tank gone asap 100$

    is it drilled? Show pics i might be interested.
  10. CarRamrod

    Looking for a 110 gallon tall tank

    Looking for a 110 gallon tall tank to start a build. 48"x18"x29" Just the tank, no stand or anything im going to custom build the stand.
  11. CarRamrod

    neon green toadstood

    How much are you looking to get for some of those?
  12. CarRamrod

    WTB Red and or Orange Zoas/Palys

    I would like to see a pic of the large rick if it hasnt sold.
  13. CarRamrod

    Baton Rouge - Rose Bubble Tip Anemone (RBTA) - 30/40/45

    you still have any for sale?
  14. CarRamrod

    gold torch

    I would be interested in a gold torch frag as well. and or purple.
  15. CarRamrod

    I have a few rose/rainbow nems for sale

    Can you PM a pic of the rainbow?